Author Topic: From The Rulers Channel on Discord - Small realms  (Read 8113 times)


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I've seen three types of reaction from sinking of Atamara.

1) People who were angry about getting their favourite island destroyed.

2) People who were glad Atamara was deleted

3) People who were upset that they did not get to enjoy the war that was happening there before Atamara was deleted.

I personally think devs should have let that CE bloc vs Rest sort out before sinking the island but it is too late now. I don't know why CE bloc did not act sooner. Devs could have warned them better I guess. Like literally threatening to sink the island before just telling them they were going to sink AT. It is hard to tell sinking the island did anything positive. The game lost a decent chunk of players from it. We are still seeing large alliance blocs despite having limits. They just won't be all in one group but won't fight each other. Not sure it is something mechanics can solve. Can discourage people by disincentivizing it further maybe.