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I'm strongly in camp three.  Granted, I would have preferred the island not be sunk at all, but I do generally agree that some islands had to be sunk due to the dropping player base.

As for the timing, I agree that somebody should have done something to fix the issue before we did.  What I will say is this.  I had no idea what it was like on the continent when I was just a player.  All I saw was us playing around with the Cagilans and marching around from time to time to do things.  Was it super active compared to other continents?  No.  But we'd built something good and could have fun if we looked for something to do.  Which I did.  I became the Duke of Foda and did stuff.  I think I held tournaments and arranged stuff know...did the stuff players do when they aren't in the middle of a continent-spanning war.  As a player in Tara, I didn't see a problem, because things looked pretty good.  If other people complained that it wasn't fun, it didn't match my experience so I kinda brushed it off.

Then several Tyrants in a row got elected and disappeared, and I could tell that Tara trouble.  So I decided to buckle up and see what I could do stabilize things.  I don't know if anybody ran against me, but I won pretty easy, and then I had access to all the reports of a ruler.  And access to the ruler channels.  And everything else that goes with that.  I started looking first at the entire federation, then the entire alliance the federation was part of, and THEN the nations outside the alliance and I started realizing for the first time that something really was rotten in Atamara.  For one thing, it was almost impossible to really start a war because every nation had allied up with at least one member of the central alliance.  That was just one little thing and there were many others.

As a character, Regstav was still utterly devoted to Cagil, but as a ruling player I could see that the Cagil-Tara federation had to die to shake things up.  The trick was figuring out how to do it.  So I started talking with other rulers who wanted to kill it, and did everything I could to shake things up.  And at the same time, the other rulers who could see the same thing I did started to realize the same thing.  We were literally talking in the main alliance group that had something like a third of the island's population in it about how we were going to kill this thing.  ALL OOC of course.  IC, we were arguing about which one of us was loyal to Cagil and which one was betraying Cagil.  ;)  Which ended up being the stick we used to break it in the end.  Hehehe.

Absolutely, something should have been done earlier.  But it wasn't.  So it ended up being my generation of rulers and governmental leaders who did it.

The main sticking point for me in the end, is that we didn't get to see how things turned out.  It would have been awesome to have seen that one, last glorious war go down and see who fell.  I was privately giving Tara a fifty-fifty chance of surviving, though I was doing everything in my power to tweak those percentages.  I will note that when I became Tyrant, I privately gave Tara a zero chance of surviving a fight with a wet noodle bag due to that succession of Tyrants who got elected, popped up, saw the state of Atamara, and logged out until their characters paused because they did NOT want to deal with THAT crap.

As for what to do now in our current setting to keep Atamara from repeating?  I don't know.  We players got things shaken up in Dwilight and got some nice wars going on, split across the entire continent.  They may have all been one war originally, but they were effectively two or three smaller regional wars from the beginning, which they still are to this day even after the alliances were forced to split up.  I'm rather proud of having helped start up that little rumble in my time as ruler there.  And then Regstav finally found a battle that could kill him after facing battles on three continents that always seemed to miss the mark.  :)

But the East Continent hasn't changed at all with the new alliance rules.  The Sirion alliance or community or whatever still goes all over, blasted anybody it wants to into dustbunnies.  And half the time we can't even engage them in combat because of battle rules that stop us from fighting.  I don't know how to fix that continent.  Granted, I don't have access to the ruler information, but I see enough as a banker to have a good idea of what is up.  And I'm really at a loss as to how to fix it.  I'm on the verge of just voting for "giant meteor" hitting....oh...maybe Evora and wiping out everything within two or three regions of it.  Erase the populations.  Destroy every guild hall, recruitment center, or other city building.  Level the walls.  Put roads straight to worst case.  Maybe even make the regions entirely impassable to force the north and the south to stop fighting each other and let the various simmering local disagreements kick off into smaller wars without the worry of some massive juggernaut crossing the wastes and blasting them while their back is turned.