Author Topic: the most detailed fantasy world ever created  (Read 4464 times)


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Re: the most detailed fantasy world ever created
« Topic Start: September 12, 2019, 04:46:36 AM »
I saw you talking about importing that mapping data into GIS recently online. Was an interesting read and lead to me looking into several different methods of generating graphical maps (and figuring out how to load and configure QGIS to use a graphical map layer).

I was going to say I found it interesting that you're hosting this on a wiki, but I guess from a technical standpoint that saves you a lot of time, since SMW can grab whatever info you tell it how to process however often you tell it to check and the wiki will store historical changes to files beyond that.

Are you still using QGIS for map data or is that also one of the things you've advanced upon?

Having gotten to the point that I largely understand the M&F code, I'll admit I'm quite interested in how you're doing this on the technical side.
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