Author Topic: Lemuria Rennaisance- Old Battlemaster  (Read 1342 times)


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Lemuria Rennaisance- Old Battlemaster
« Topic Start: November 09, 2019, 07:02:19 AM »
Hey so I participated in the poll and saw one of the leading options was to bring back a pre-2010 Battlemaster. That could be cool. I'd suggest a new gameworld, but running the old rules. Make the continent relatively small say 70 regions and allow everyone a bonus character to play there much like War Island.

Getting creative with the map layout could be cool. Just one idea, have a central sea like Dwilight but oriented North to South. In the middle you have two large islands with four or five regions each. One Island has a major city with sea lanes to several other regions including to the other Island, but also a rural region with a short sea lane to another rural so the island is subject to invasion. The other island has two townslands connected to a smaller number of sea lanes and a central city so easier to defend but harder to use to conquer other lands. Then on the outer sea of this continent you have two additional smaller islands with sea lanes. These islands have a rural or maybe townsland labeled "such and such harbor" and then their other region is a city or stronghold. That could make for a very dynamic play environment.


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Re: Lemuria Rennaisance- Old Battlemaster
« Reply #1: November 10, 2019, 08:16:56 AM »
The oldest build I have is from 2003, and I'd probably just use East Island from back then, which varies a fair bit from the current map. That said, making a new BM map might be within the scope of this, but it might contradict the concept of a Legacy BM, which historically only had EI.

I'll pre-face the rest of this with: all of this is just what I was planning, as I've not actually started coding this yet, and wasn't planning on starting on it until atleast after the next M&F update, which I'm hoping to push live this month.

With that established, I wasn't planning on making this a third branch of BM, as I don't have significant interest in developing BM directly for various reasons.

I was intending for it to be an entirely separate game for three main reasons: code security (I'd rather not introduce exploits to BM by adding effectively archaic functionality back), I don't have routine access to the BM server to maintain it if something goes wrong, and as I was planning on using it as an opportunity to rebuild BM in a framework so they can see how it might look and work. This last one primarily so we might take steps to explore alternatives or even move towards all of us using the same framework (and thus, increasing the ease of transition between projects).

It might get bug fixes, but it won't get further updates to the code. Besides being a proof-of-concept for BM in a framework, and refactored to support such, it'll exist as a "Hey, this is what BM was", but that's it. Functionally, to the user, exactly the same as BM'03 and how it worked.
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