Author Topic: Tabletop RPG via the Net (roll20) - GM Tom  (Read 5700 times)


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Tabletop RPG via the Net (roll20) - GM Tom
« Topic Start: November 30, 2019, 05:42:13 PM »
Would there be enough tabletop roleplayers here who would be interested in an online gaming session?
I have a concept I want to try - play yourself being dumped into a fantasy world. No character creation - play yourself.
I have the world and the game system mostly ready (it might change a bit during playtesting, but it's mostly stable). I've never run a game online before, only face2face, so if at least one person has experience doing it and could support me in the technical things that would be perfect. We can use roll20 or anything else that someone has good experience with.

Do we get a party together?