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Re: Tabletop RPG via the Net (roll20) - GM Tom
« Topic Start: December 01, 2019, 04:40:41 PM »
I have experience with this. I moved away from my home town years ago, and a friend told me they were starting a D&D campaign. He patched me in through R20. The system works well, especially if the DM is well versed in it's mechanisms. The program is cool, and everyone can be patched in with their own little webcam window. My friends were all in the same room, and had R20 on their smart TV with the webcam facing the room. I could see everyone and they could see me, and it felt like I was right there.

The problem we had was lining times up. And we only had a two hour time difference, and it was incredibly hard to find times that worked for everyone between families, work, and social lives. You currently have an 8 hour time difference from me in Germany. Something to strongly consider. Some people might jump at the idea of playing a campaign together, but in reality not want to have brunch and Goblins haha.

I would suggest that you detail what time you want to do this at (as you are the DM and thus the most important party). Then people can judge whether they can make that time work or not in their own time zones. If people are interested but can't play, have them post what times they could play. If you have no bites on your time, but three other people can play 1700 - 1900 and that works for you, then shift it.

I really must stress finding a time that works for everyone. That is what killed it for our group. It was super fun, but schedules never worked out and after two months no one remembers where they are in the story or what is going on.
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