Author Topic: Tabletop RPG via the Net (roll20) - GM Tom  (Read 5696 times)


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Re: Tabletop RPG via the Net (roll20) - GM Tom
« Topic Start: December 01, 2019, 05:18:26 PM »
Agreed on that. Scheduling is often what kills real-world groups, too. I'm having that experience right now.

I would honestly prefer to have more regular short sessions. If nobody needs to drive anywhere, having a 2-3 hour session is worth it, and easier to find time for.

For me, during the week evenings (on UTC+1) work best. That would be lunchtime or afternoon in the US depending on your location. That's not ideal. I might also be able to do weekend mornings, that'd be around midnight in the US. Also not ideal.

But not every BM player is in the US...