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Complaint #573/#478/#898
Date: December 10, 2019
Title: Micromanagement
About: Kinsey Family

This case deals with an ongoing issue which was previously addressed. Early in November, a warning was issued addressing "single player" playing of Battle Master. The specifics of the warning discussed micromanaging allied armies and nobles, as well as retaining singular power and information of their own realm's military.

The Titans were informed barely a month later that these shortcomings had continued, spanning three continents with three separate characters.

The Titans judged this in violation of several rules:

* Exclusion of several players from military affairs, to include Marshal characters
* Failure to guide and mentor as a Government member and experienced player
* Failure to acknowledge previous shortcoming and apply solution to all characters

During the course of our investigation, we discovered at least one player who paused due to feelings of exclusion. Several other complaints were received in addition to the paused character regarding being actively excluded from military planning/command.

Due to the fact that the player is a senior player with a wealth of experience, a longstanding Government member, and has already received a warning on this subject, the Titans have decided to apply the following punishments:

* Removal of General position for all three characters
* Removal of Marshal position for all three characters
* Lock out of positions for 14 days

For reference, the following documents were applied to the investigation were: Rules and Policies, Government Rules, Command Hierarchy, and the Social Contract.

First and foremost, Government members are expected to help, guide, and safeguard the fun for other players, as is detailed in the Government Rules. Second, players should not be excluded from gameplay.

As current and former players, we acknowledge the decline of playerbase, and the fact that sometimes positions are difficult to find volunteers to fill. Often a General must act as Marshal. This is not the issue at hand.

What we discovered in our investigation was a player with all their characters as Generals. Two of these characters were also Marshals. The third became Marshal when the Marshal of that realm paused due to feelings of exclusion. A poor attempt was made after the accused was called out IC of doing the same thing he had done on the EC for his previous warning, but evidenced by the Marshal pausing it was too late. Subsequently, the player continued to actively exclude several other characters of the realm who tried to involve themselves, repeatedly, into the realm military.

Battle Master is a game involving many people, and has many aspects available to enjoy. Too much focus has been applied to winning, to the point where winning is stepping on the enjoyment of the game for players. This is not going to be tolerated any longer. The point of Battle Master is not to win wars at any cost, it is to role play a noble character in a feudal society. Realms and wars are not as important as characters and players. Placing the former above the latter will result in punitive measures on and ongoing basis.

Timothy Collett

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