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December 2019 Update
« Topic Start: December 06, 2019, 10:44:39 PM »
Many changes added over the last 6 months are included in this announcement. Many more behind-scenes improvements were made.

New OOC admins-ruler communication channel publicly visible to all players on island
Automatically create statues when ruler moves capital or builds palace
Add average daily sent and realmwide messages over a 3-month period
Colour travel destinations by diplomatic relation
PHP7 Updates
Add Average Noble Combat Strength to Army Info
Base judge's h/p loss for torture on recipient's rank (royal, duke, lord)
Add last updated datetime to Standing Orders
Tweak ranged overkill
Various text improvements

Prevent healing dead characters with scrolls after 2 turns have passed
Fix position lockout from Titans lasting too long
Prevent dead characters automatically healing
Prevent recruitment while travelling to tournament
Fix ignoring other characters
Fix prison and banishment bugs

Discord Bot:
The discord bot has been updated over the last 6 months and now hosts many commands to request information from the game, ranging from a character to a realm, from family wiki pages to world maps dating as far back as 2012. Come check out BattleMaster's Discord and get to know the community as players, not characters! Every realm has its own private realm channel so you can get to know your realmmates better. Many enjoy playing games with the community, from trivia to cards against humanity. Come hear your fellow players' voices in voice chat and hear how all those region, realm, and character names are pronounced by everyone. Share and listen to music. Discuss politics and religion. Contribute as a volunteer. Just have fun with fellow players!

Forum and Wiki:
The forum has been updated to a more responsive default theme, with further improvements to come. Other responsive themes exist to choose from.
The Wiki was updated with the PHP7 Update, but the Semantic Media Wiki remains broken. Even so, the wiki has picked up in activity lately with new Wiki Editors. Filled out your family page? Need to update it? Preserve your BM history forevermore upon the wiki. A recent development is the creation of a new On This Day in BM history, which gets posted on Discord.