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February 2020 Update
« Topic Start: February 27, 2020, 06:12:45 PM »
Major Changes
  • Update Social Contract
  • Requirement to sign the Social Contract annually from when it was last signed
  • Important OOC Messages added as reminders to rules, other atmospheric guidelines, or contacting the Titans
  • Crown Tax Shares implemented, allowing a ruler to split their ruler share between each government council member, all knights/dames of the realm, and if a theocracy, all priests of the realm
  • Expand influences upon regional sympathies/loyalty to realms (testing islands only)
    • Trading Food
    • Religious spread across realm borders
    • Noble locations, rank, average unique item prestige, number of soldiers
    • Government System
    • Distance to foreign capital
    • Neighbouring regions, duchies, and realms
    • Declared diplomacy
    • Lord's faith or lack thereof
    • Guilds
    • Population movement
  • Player indicator icons for experience and playstyle preference
  • Character Portraits and Descriptions added to character creation process
  • New Player Surveys for players on their 30th day
  • Change Realm Theme to a tag-based system with pre-selected tags and one unique word tag

Minor Changes

  • Discord Widget and collapsible accordion added to userdata
  • Minimum Density increased to 2 nobles per region
  • New religions are announced on discord island channels
  • Text explaining when one can change allegiance as a region lord or duke improved for readability
  • Prevent revolting regions from joining realms that are already low density
  • Slightly increase Standing Orders character limit
  • Send a judge a message when Impeachment is available
  • Discord realm emoji updated
  • If hunting monsters and undead, find hidden local unique item before creating a new unique item
  • Link to Realm Details on new character realm selection

  • Titans accidentally deporting characters to Atamara
  • Several exploits
  • Unique Items being discovered while looting, but not actually given to the character
  • Regions being bought and revolting for first 5 days after being TOed
  • Private messages not being visible in quickplay
  • OOC messages not being coloured gray
  • World News RSS not working
  • Setting User Options not working


The BattleMaster Community on Discord continues to grow. There is now a #bugtracker channel that updates when public bugtracker issues are updated. Cards Against Humanity games on the discord are now played with BattleMaster decks. Users can now create their own channels, allowing for alliance-wide channels of realm roles, or particular interest channels such as warhammer, parenting, tabletop roleplaying et cetera. On that note, there is now a roleplaying game going on right now in a user-created channel.

Folks have been livestreaming themselves playing BattleMaster in voicechats (and other games, as well). And today, we've had two music bots being listened to in separate channels, simultaneously.

Voice chat activity has become most consistent from 19 to 23 server time (about now!), just after the halfturn. Come on in and say hello, whether its your first visit or you just haven't been by in awhile.