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TwitterMaster? BattleTwitter?
« Topic Start: April 02, 2020, 05:20:04 AM »
The last day or so has been such a resounding success for the new reduced character limits that we will now be transitioning BattleMaster to be played exclusively on Twitter. On a larger platform, we will be able to attract many more players and grow once more. In an unrelated note, happy April Fool's Day.  ;)

We hope you enjoyed this year's event and we look forward to next year and many years to come. For newer players, there was once a tradition of BattleMaster April Fool's Day events. Please remember for next year to not spoil the surprise for your realmmates, so everyone can enjoy the fun. And yes, its back to 5,000 character limit messages once more. And no, we aren't transitioning to be played exclusively on Twitter.
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