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In an effort to build an all-inclusive game atmosphere, we are working on creating a graphic RP warning system, which would warn players that a certain RP contains themes that might be offensive or disturbing to some.

Until that rolls out, we are needing players to put something like "Out of Character Warning: this roleplay contains graphic content." at the top of these RPs.

In this post, we would love to have some feedback on these ideas, and for anyone to pose any questions they have regarding the subject.

My son's been desperate to play BM for a couple of years now but there've been some really dark RPs in that time so I've been reluctant to let him join. Whilst I'm opposed to censorship and at times explore adult themes in some of my own RPs I think this will be a good compromise.

That is kind of what we are going for. I also sometimes like to write "darker" RPs, but I also am very aware that we have some players as young as 12 I think. The warning disclaimer at the top is good for a band aid fix, and having non-PG13 RPs covered unless you want to view it should be a very effective solution, IMO.

Matthew Runyon:
I don't have any issues with this (other than it likely taking a bit to remember).  I would like to suggest different types of warnings.  I personally don't want to read a lot of stuff about horrible things happening to children, for instance, or detailed torture, but I don't have any issues with things on the sexual side.  I know plenty of people who feel the opposite way.  Possibly a tagging system (I'm thinking of a simpler version of Archive of Our Own)?

Once we have an actual system implemented that is the plan—that it will have a few different possible tags under broad categories, and you can filter for either the broad or specific tags.


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