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Forum Rules of Conduct
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Here are the new BattleMaster Forum Rules of Conduct as proposed and revised earlier this month:

  • Be respectful of other users. No insulting or derogatory behavior toward other players or forum users.
  • The moderators have complete editorial control and may delete or modify posts that violate these rules, or are judged inappropriate for the forum.
  • The forum is for discussing things about the game. In-game matters should only be discussed in the game.
  • Do not post in-game messages on the forum, other than posting your own Roleplays on the Roleplay board, or when appropriate as part of a Magistrate case. Players may post the roleplayed death of their character on the Roleplay boards without sending it in-game, since they cannot post it in-game.

These are no longer open for discussion, so please do not post asking for this, that, or the other change to be made.

With these new Rules of Conduct now in force, the Locals boards will be reopened forthwith.