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Barrett Brine Goes Rogue

Started by pcw27, April 25, 2020, 09:50:42 AM

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Oh man this is one of the most epic dramas ever to play out for one of my characters. When I first conceived of the character of Barrett Brine he was intended to essentially be a pirate. It's fitting that right now his flag is officially a skull and cross bones.

For a little background:

Navarch Solomon of Tol Goldora offered Barrett the chance to lead a raid in Northern Dwilight, which he enthusiastically accepted. Briefly he was named marshal for this. Later however his marshalship was revoked, which I actually hadn't noticed due to being busy on my end (I'll roleplay that Barrett spilled rum all over the letter). Still they never officially told him he wasn't leading the raid anymore.

Struggle ensued when his ideas for how the mission ought to be conducted conflicted with the marshal's. Being true to his nature, Barrett was not about to defer to some other authority when it came to his expertise. So he insulted the marshal and essentially mutinied. He resigned from the army, declaring he'd be conducting his own raid and invited the other raiders to join him. None did sadly.

The Navarch gave him a warning and asked him to recant all his insults and insubordination. Barrett responded by challenging all takers in the military council to a duel.

Now he's in the far north with all the other raiders hunting for him. He's been banned and stabbed by an infiltrator. Here's hoping he'll recover soon.

After spending so many years with characters like Turin and Sigurd who tend to be more calculating, playing a firebrand like Barrett has been a real treat, and I look forward to him going out in a blaze of glory... or perhaps not.


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