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Family Home Overhaul and other changes
« Topic Start: April 26, 2020, 01:38:50 AM »
Some ideas to overhaul how the current family home works and other small changes. Just brainstorming for now before actually making a feature request.

Family gold can only be used directly to improve your family home. No more investment to boost your region, or more gold to start with etc

Your family home can be improved using the family gold but you must choose what kind of family home you want.

A) Militaristic family
1. Subsidize military expenses: your family will cover a portion of your military expenditure (depending on the level of upgrade, it will vary from 10% up to 30%. Subsidize cost will be subtracted from your family gold. If your coffer dries up, you will have to pay the full price)(Progression: 10-15-20-25-30)(Cost: 250 gold, 500 gold, 1000 gold, 2000 gold, 4000 gold)
2. Reinforce troops: every month, your family will spend a bit of gold to help you maintain your unit size by sending some of the soldiers they hired. (Similar to pick up volunteers. Will send between 10~20 men depending on your unit size. More men you have, less they will send)(Progression: 5-8-12-15-20)(Cost: 250 gold, 500 gold, 1000 gold, 2000 gold, 4000 gold)
3. Better Equipment: every month, your unit's weapon or armour or both will improve by a fixed number. (1% weapon or armour or both)(weapon only: 3000, armor only:3000)
4. Tutor: every month, one of the following skills will improve by 1%: swordfighting, jousting, infiltration (basic: 1000 gold, intermediate: 2000 gold, expert: 4000 gold, master: 8000 gold)

B) Merchant family
1. Regional Stat Boost: Your family sends merchants/courtiers to help you with your finances (improves your region's production by a fixed amount. if your knights are also using this, the effect diminishes. The region's production/morale/sympathy cannot be improved beyond 110% regardless of the number of merchants/courtiers working for the region)
2. Family Support: Your family will send gold to you if your family home is on the same continent. The amount received will vary depending on your income level. (ex = if you received more than 300 gold, your family will at most send 100 gold. However, if your income is only 50 gold, your family will send 250 etc)
3. Tutor: every month, one of the following skills will improve by 1%: bureaucracy, oratory, leadership

**A character has to choose which bonus they wish to use. 1 per character. Meaning if a character is already subsidizing military expenses, the character can't get the tutor bonus.

Other changes:
ransom payment change: government members can pay for other captured government members. dukes can pay for lords. lords for knights. families can also pay for their nobles to be released faster. All captured nobles get released after 4 days and will automatically pay the ransom from their family gold. Ransom will be based on position, honour, prestige and age instead of the amount of gold a character has.

Family home can be moved as many times as you want. However, you need to earn a relocation token. You can earn it through retiring an old character(50+ age) or having a character killed as a hero(or when the mortality button gets added, you earn it when a character dies from having the button activated)

Religion: Can now also collect taxes from peasants from regions where they have a temple to support the temples without the direct contribution from nobles. Families can also donate to religions.

Loot Family homes: Looting family homes in an enemy region can cause damage to their homes. Can also collect coins or other valuable goods from them(unique items perhaps)

Display unique items in family home: Can attract visitors which can generate a small profit to fill up the family coffer. Will stop the unique item from degradation.

Earning Family gold: You can send a portion of your tax gold to your family. You can no longer send the gold you have directly to your family.


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Re: Family Home Overhaul and other changes
« Reply #1: May 08, 2020, 08:56:37 AM »
I think we should add more estate customization options before doing so for family homes.


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Re: Family Home Overhaul and other changes
« Reply #2: June 30, 2020, 02:51:40 PM »
Some suggestions you may consider.

If some characters are rich with gold, they can spend hundred if not thousand to relocate their homes.

I do agree current Family Home looks a little bland. You have an uncle who you dislike but get along after sometime.

Probably the only useful thing I ever had my character doing is having his realm fight another realm over a Family Home region that he wanted to be in his realm hand. Some silly war to fight over. It gets my creativity going. Family home region in someone else realm hand? Go fight for it ;D ;D
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