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Early May 2020 Updates
« Topic Start: May 10, 2020, 10:50:20 PM »
Major Changes

  • All new war declarations will require a reason
  • A bare-bones HTML message archiver
  • Starving regions will gradually stack up more significant penalties*
  • Update to the rich-text editor, which should allow it to support mobile

Minor Changes

  • Results of training matches will now be sent to the region*
  • Further reduce food production in lordless regions*
  • Default to collapsing player page player info box on mobile*
  • Prevent adventurer creation and War Island character creation from setting a family home region*
  • Tweak sympathy adjustment values*
  • Abandoning a region during a takeover will immediately complete the takeover

Notable Bugfixes

  • A bug preventing supporting takeovers in certain instances
  • Re-apply the prohibition on inter-realm communication on the South Island
  • Make sure nobles in the same region as a tournament can send messages to it*
  • Failed rebel leaders could fail to be banned, allowing them to stay in the realm and retain titles*
  • Various miscellaneous bugs

* Already livefixed
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