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War Re-Declaration With Clear Goals
« Topic Start: May 09, 2020, 10:56:58 PM »
Tomorrow (Sunday, May 10), we will be sending live a package of updates that includes support for explicit reasons for declarations of war. We are requiring such declarations to follow certain rules, which can be found on the war declaration page, and the War Declarations wiki page.

We have decided that it is best not to permit any "grandfathered" cases, but to immediately mandate a valid reason for every declared war. We recognize that this is a significant change, and that what we will be doing to enforce this is unprecedented. However, we believe that it is necessary in the interests of fair play and transparency of goals and reasons for war.

On Tuesday, May 12, after the sunset turn, all War statuses in BattleMaster will be set to Neutral (Hatred, too)*. In addition, all nobles in enemy territory will be teleported to their own capitals (we would advise realms at war to use this time to move out of enemy territory and wait there until after the period of neutrality). This is to ensure there are no inadvertent—or exploitative—incidents during the (hopefully) brief period of readjustment. At that time, we strongly encourage everyone who was fighting a war as the aggressor to declare war once again giving both the reason for the war, and the specific goals that would lead to the war's end.

We would like to note that, while there are not yet clear guidelines written up on the precise details of this, we have come to the conclusion that we cannot continue to permit "dogpiling" where an entire continent (or nearly so) is at war with a single realm. Even if you feel you have sufficient in-character cause to go to war with a realm, we would like you to seriously consider another factor: Are there already enough realms fighting against them that their defeat is all but assured? If that is the case, then adding your realm to the pile will not change the outcome of the war, but might very well change whether the players in the realm being attacked can continue to enjoy the game. While a realm that botches its diplomacy should certainly expect to find itself on the wrong end of a beating, that beating should never be so utterly hopeless that it destroys the interest for the players in that realm of even logging into the game.

In the interests of transparency, we would also like to make it clear that as well as being sent to the entire continent along with the fact that war has been declared, every war declaration will be copied to the Titans, as name changes and rebellion reasons have been for many years now. While we expect that there will be some confusion during this transition period, and will be prioritizing education over punishment for now, it is our hope that once that has passed, Titan interventions due to an invalid war declaration will be exceedingly rare.

Additionally, we would like to remind everyone that game mechanics define reality. This is particularly important in cases where the game mechanics have been artificially limited to address abuses by players. Attempting to circumvent those game mechanics, and treat 3/4 of a continent as your allies when, according to the game, they are not, is exactly the abusive situation the mechanical change was made to prevent.

Again, we understand that this is an unprecedented step, and that it is likely to create some distress among some players, and we do apologize for this. However, we are confident that, provided the bulk of players are willing to work with us toward a game played with friends, the disruption in actual play will be brief and relatively painless.

Finally, we would like to emphasize one last point on this topic. We take no joy in introducing additional restrictions on the game. We have no interest in telling players how to play, beyond the basic broad guidelines of milieu and fair, friendly play. Our ideal is a game where the players work together as players to promote the fun of all, rather than insisting on promoting their own fun over everyone else's, or telling other players they're wrong when they come forward saying they feel like their fun is being ruined by others. The more players can do that, the fewer restrictions we will need to place and enforce on the game.

* (South Island is exempt from this, for reasons which should be obvious.)
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