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Approved: Additional Vote Counting Systems
« Topic Start: May 11, 2020, 05:25:41 PM »
Title: Additional Vote Counting Systems

Summary: Add voting systems that count based off the fortifications of a lord's settlement, by the types and number of soldiers commanded, as well as by the population of estates lorded over, or some other thing.

Details: BattleMaster is an old game, so it should be an old game with options. As such I shall detail each proposal below:
  • By spears - Each soldier counts for a vote.
  • By swords - Like above, but better soldiers count more.
  • By horses - Only cavalrymen count for voting.
  • By chivalry - Only the chivalrous cavaliers may vote.
  • By forts - Lords vote based on the defenses of their holding. Better forts? More votes.
  • By heads - Lords vote based on the population of their region.
  • By honor - Nobles vote with weight based on honor score.
  • By prestige - Nobles vote with weight based on prestige score.
  • By guilds - Lords vote based on the number of guilds hosted in their lands.
  • By archers - Because they're the best.
Benefits: The increased options allow realms to add some more flavoring to their ways and, and this is the really important part, this way people can't say "But M&F has..." in regards to voting types. Also potentially results in more unpredictable votes.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: Would require an update to the manual page and for some systems voting results could be unpredictable.
Blame Vita for this.
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