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An update has just gone live with two significant improvements to the message editor, one fairly obvious, the other less so until you need it:

First, by actually using some of the fancy features of the rich-text editor package we just updated, we have implemented a live inline preview of your message as you type it. At present, it should correctly handle everything but Wiki, Region/Realm, and forum post links. (We will be working on support for those in the future.) If you have feedback on this feature, please bring it to the forum. If you find that you prefer the old version, you can click the "Toggle RTE Mode" button at the bottom of the page, and for that device only, it will switch to the traditional white-text-box RTE, and remember your setting. (You can use this to have one on mobile and a different one on desktop, for instance.)

Second, by very popular demand, we have implemented a feature that should make it much, much harder for you to accidentally lose that RP you spent half an hour writing. A little bit of extra Javascript watches what you type in the message editor, and automatically saves it to local storage on your computer or phone (so your drafts are never sent to us, but you also can't just start writing on one device then pick it up on another). If you leave the page without sending the message, the next time you open a new message to anyone on the same character, it will automatically preload the editor with your saved message. Upon successfully sending, it will clear the saved message for that character.
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