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Non-combat Activities Overhaul

Started by Andrew, July 14, 2020, 08:33:29 PM

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Our characters in BM are supposed to be nobles. Nobles travel and do things, they get out and compete, and sometimes they fight. Fighting is dangerous though. So maybe sometimes they fight with less dangerous, more noble things.

  • Title: Comprehensive overhaul of non-combat oriented noble activities (maybe with slots for commoners?)
  • Summary: Overhaul tournaments to incorporate an optional championship system. Allow hosting of smaller "regional" tournaments that don't require a dedicated tournament ground. Add more optional activities like grand banquets, royal dances, hunts, races, etc, with skills to support them. Larger tournament grounds would have larger rewards but also have some of their rewards subsidized by both noble and non-noble entrants.
  • Details: Ideally, if it makes logical sense, each activity should have some associated skills. Hunt? Horseback riding + archery. Tournaments could be expanded with multiple types: melee, archery, mounted melee, mounted archery, joust, races, etc.; each with their own set of skills. Could also include a group fight scenario that allowed commoners (adventurers) to directly participate. Dances could not only have a singular skill, but also individual skill ratings for each type of dance. We could also have a set of musician skills that could be iether noble or not, and would allow diversification of the commoner game.
  • Benefits:A lot of these would be rewarded with fame, honour, and prestige. Regional tournaments are really just worth the knowledge that you won, but the logic would be that winning locally would still be a thing that is tracked, something that could be included in formal announcements at other tournaments or events. Hunts, banquets, and dances and the like would largely be RP events with some skill checks, but would be geared more towards inviting outsiders or to celebrate major events (marriages, anyone?).
  • Possible Downsides or Exploits: Someone would have to code all this, but I'm already planning on writing similar code for two other games (I might get to this sometime this year). There'd also need to be a concrete set of events figured out and what would play into success in them. We could even go farther if we want we could even go so far as to track how often two people compete in a thing against/with each other and give them more interesting results. Skill checks might be considered a step towards a more D&D-esque or RP-oriented game, or even one that could be more power-gamed but I'm not really sure how you'd power-game being able to dance well. I'm certain someone will try it though.
  • Also, think of all the new fame points! <3
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I'm strongly in favour of various things of this nature, though the details would need to be hashed out.
Timothy Collett

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To be honest, I really like this idea. Often with the game it would be nice to have more to do and RP on in times of peace. Look forward to your ideas

Matthew Runyon

This all sounds pretty awesome, if it can be pulled off!


I've been requesting hunts and banquets for years. I'd love to see it if the devs can find the time.


Most of these were discussed and approved over the years. Just that they never got implemented since they never can reach the top of the list. There are more important things that need to be done before them. Hopefully we will get at least some of them.