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@RC overhaul idea summarized
« Topic Start: August 18, 2020, 10:01:09 PM »
This is a summary of a discussion regarding RC overhaul ideas from discord #development

Training - RC
RCs will have 3 drafting options
  • Low: Will fill RCs faster but recruits will be poorly trained(training at 25% but will produce recruits at x1.5 the speed)
  • Medium: Will fill RCs at a normal pace(50%, x1)
  • High: Will fill RCs slower but recruits will be better trained(75%, x0.5)
-Assigning a captain to an RC will increase the production speed and raise the training %.(retiring a captain will add the captain to a list where lords can select the captain to assign)
  • Low Level Captain(+1~5):Will increase low level RC training by 5%, production speed to x1.6
  • Low Level Captain(+6~10):Will increase normal level RC training by 5%, production speed to x1.1. Double the amount to low level(training by 10%, speed x1.7)
  • Low Level Captain(+11 and over):Will increase high level RC training by 5%, production speed to x0.6. Double the amount to normal(10%, x1.2) and triple for low(15%, x1.8.).

Training - Player
Depending on your captain's level, you can train your men faster()
  • Captain bonus +1~5: +1% training and cohesion per session(on top of what you already gain from light, normal, heavy training)
  • +6~10: +2%
  • +11~15: +3%
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