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Supplemental Update: Sparse Realm Penalties
« Topic Start: September 08, 2020, 06:28:06 PM »
A supplemental update is going live with a few small fixes, noted below, and the introduction of penalties for realms below the density limit. The details of these penalties are as follows:
  • All regions in realms below the density limit that lack at least one knight, a Lord, or both will suffer small to moderate control penalties.
  • In such realms, up to three regions will suffer further penalties, with the regions being chosen by three criteria:
    • Number of neighbouring regions belonging to a realm above the density limit
    • Number of neighbouring rogue regions
    • Distance from capital
  • These regions will be ranked, with the furthest or most surrounded by high-density/rogue regions ranking highest, and the higher the rank among those three regions, the steeper the penalties.
  • Regions that fall within these three will also have significantly increased chances of revolt.
Given a few days to a week or so, this should resolve the issue of realms with "grandfathered-in" low densities.

Other minor fixes:
  • Bankers were, in rare circumstances, unable to access marketplaces in some of their realm's regions, even when within the realm. This has been fixed.
  • The remaining pieces of the additional voting options have been added. (Andrew says: "Wololo!")
  • The queue for ruler/admin OOC messages no longer shows up when it should not.
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