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Early Sept 2020 Updates
« Topic Start: September 02, 2020, 09:53:05 PM »
Major Changes

  • A wide variety of new voting options
  • Vulgarity Reports are once again fully functional
  • In addition to donating to Tom to support the server, you can also donate to Anaris or subscribe to his Patreon. Support options for Vita still in the works.
  • War Declarations are now reciprocal: the defender can (and must, at some point) state their goals
  • War Declarations can be edited, and maintain a history of previous versions
  • Rulers can now, within limits, create "court duchies" with no regions
  • Realms above the density limits will start to find regions beyond that limit starting to lose stats

Please note that there will be an additional major change coming in the next week or so: Realms whose size exceeds the density threshold, but which have been effectively "grandfathered in" thus far, will start to find that regions above that threshold become much harder to hold onto.

Minor Changes

  • Last Login time will update with more actions, to avoid spurious auto-deletion
  • Change the long-line protection to no longer insert spaces
  • Improve Message Archive to support sent messages as well
  • Some scrolls' effects now scale with your spellcasting skill
  • Under certain circumstances, the region will receive a message about why a battle did not occur there
  • The Realm List now shows total & vacant estates
  • Rogue prison is now easier to escape from
  • The Tournament page now shows how long it will take you to get there, and how long until it starts
  • Militia units will show how many men they have when looking to add more men to them
  • The Message Search page now has the same per-message links other message pages have
  • If your unit deserts, the unit status report will have a more urgent title


  • RP Interaction Preference will maintain across previews
  • Fixed a crash in Abandon Region
  • Several bugs in hanging rebels were Fixed
  • When sending messages to the OOC channel, your Real Name will correctly be hidden if your user info is set to Private
  • Squashed several different versions of bugs in changing unit designation after paying them
  • When looting, reduce sympathy for the realm doing the looting, not the realm being looted
  • Fixed some bugs in displaying the Rich Text Editor when a realm or character name had an apostrophe
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