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Population/Estate/Take Over change
« Topic Start: October 08, 2020, 03:03:06 AM »
Title: Population
Summary: Allow overcrowding
Details: I've been thinking the way BM handles population recently and thought about a concept I think is worth exploring. At the moment, your regional population stops when it reaches its cap. But I feel that it is strange to control the growth of regions in such an artificial way.

Instead, we let them be more organic. Regions will continue to give birth and increase population. Until the cap has been reached, they grow at a rapid pace unless morale is low or starvation hits. Once the cap has been reached, an overpopulation modifier kicks in. Your region will continue to grow and increase your revenue logarithmically. When your region stays overpopulated for too long and reaches a certain point, people may begin to form slums, creating slum type estates in your region.
These will eat away at your existing estates(unless you have wildlands in which case wildlands will slowly turn into slums). They are worse than wildlands which at least yields you 50%. Slums will bring only 25% revenue instead. The lord can close these down but they also have a percent chance to spawn angry peasants who will refuse to be removed from their shanties and huts.
1) Gives you a way to recover depopulated regions quickly
2) More regional interactions
3) More RP opportunities
Possible Downsides or Exploits:
1) Can't have lords who don't care about their regions govern highly dense regions
2) Fighting peasants suck

Title: Different Estate Types
Summary: Differentiate regions based on types
Estates will now serve different types.
1) Lord's Keep: Where the lord resides. Can only have 1 of this type per region and it will always be the one the lord takes. 100% efficient/hard to take over
2) Family Estate: Where your family home is located. Only one of your characters can have it.
3) Slums: Unregulated growth led to formation of slums. Causes crime rate to go up(morale penalty) and slowly becomes larger, taking over more area of your region over time. Can only get 25% income from this type of estate.
1) Farmland(Rural): Produces little gold but a lot of food especially during autumn
2) Forest(Woodland): Produces a bit more gold than farmland. Also produces a bit of food. Maybe when resources get implemented, this type can produce woods/lumbers
3) Mountain: Produces quite a bit of gold but little food. Maybe when resources get implemented, this type can produce ores instead of gold.
4) Port: Produces quite a bit of gold.
5) Fishing village: Produces a bit of food all year.

Differentiates different estates, giving them a bit more character and RP materials
Possible Downsides or Exploits:

Title:Take Over change
Summary: Change how the take over works. Instead of taking over a region like we do right now, take over estates. Once all the estates have been taken, you lose your region.
Instead of the current sympathy or fear TO, replace it with estate TO. Total TO % will go up based on the number of estates that have been taken over.
gives you a sense that a region isn't just one block. It is made of multiple estates.
Possible Downsides or Exploits:
might require more coordination regarding which estates to TO.