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Grand Melees
« Topic Start: December 08, 2020, 05:43:37 PM »
Here's an idea for something new in BM that should not require any code changes. In the middle ages grand melees were an early form of tournament in which dozens of nobles would charge at each other in a mock battle. It seems to me that Battlemaster could have its own form of that. Start with a guild, "The Grand Melee League" for organizing and coordinating. All participants show up in a pre-selected region. The rules could stipulate that no one realm can be overrepresented at the melee (e.g. if Realms A and B send just one unit realm C cannot send two). At an appointed time all participants set their units to murderous. The TLs are also free to challenge each other to duels to surrender. Battles ensue for a certain number of days, perhaps 3-5. After each round all TLs of the defeated side must withdraw from the region until only one unit remains victorious. TLs who lose a duel must also withdraw. Additional prizes may be given for winning duels, wounding opposing nobles in battle or capturing them (last unit to deal damage to their unit is assumed responsible). This could be a lot of fun, especially when there are few wars going on.