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I'm back after 4 year (Need suggestions)

Started by Hann, January 01, 2021, 10:05:57 PM

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Hi. after over 4 years, I have returned to playing this game. Since my old account is gone, I created a new account with a new family. From 2012 until 2016, I played in Tara & caligus, Mhed, Nothoi and Fronen in Beluatera, Perdan and perleone, as well as 3 more realms in Dwilight. During that time, I also became a banker and judge, Duke, as well as a ruler in Beluaterra.

Sadly more than half of the realm has been destroyed today.  :'( This time, I want to start from scratch. If possible, please suggest a realm I should join in East island, and Dwilight. i will make a new noble soon and need suggestions. ;D


Good Day Hann,

I play a character in Nothoi on Beluaterra and I will say the realm is still going strong with plenty of active members, I encourage you to rejoin your former realm. I also have a character in Swordfell in Dwlight and I recommend this realm too for similar reasons,

All the best and welcome back to the game!



I'm not really active right now so I can't really suggest a realm. I do suggest trying out the BattleMaster discord though. Most of the Out-of-Character social interaction happens there now and the forum doesn't see much use.

Invite link to the discord:


If you haven't joined any realm on Dwilight, come join us in Luria Nova where we have tournaments regularly! :)