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State of the game - 2021

Started by Greybrook, January 11, 2021, 03:27:38 PM

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Hello all,

Thought I would send this forum post asking how people feel about the state of the game. What are people enjoying? What are people not enjoying? What do you want to see implemented? What do you think needs changing?

To start things off, here are some of mine:

Jousting academy: While it is not a priority, being able to train jousting I think would be a quick win and would make jousting tournaments more exciting.

Hinterlands: I know that Hinterlands is the next big update for the game and I feel that an update on where that is would be great as well as what we should expect.

Oversized maps: This has come up before but I feel with Obia'Syela and Nova both leaning the southeast of Beluaterra and Arbor/Avernus leaving North East Dwilight, it makes me think about how players will interact with these empty spaces. While we cannot expect map changes, not that they would be very welcome for both Beluaterra and Dwilight, these regions have become rogue infested. I have heard that the Shattered Vales on Beluaterra and Swordfell see significantly large hordes. Is there something we could do with these spaces if maps are not a realistic view?


I do also wish jousting would play more of a role. Being able to do training matches but in a different format.

Matthew Runyon

You can train jousting in the academy, can't you?  I don't have any Warriors in position to check right now, but I would have sworn you could.

For me, I'm really enjoying all the fun RP and all, including the sheer scale of the rogue hordes developing, it's just a little difficult to keep up with everything sometimes, heh.  Mechanically, just looking forward to hinterlands like everyone else, but I don't want to jog Delvin's elbow in the midst of the server transition and coding.


Hey there all, could somebody point me in the right direction of where to find more info about the hinterlands update? I've seen it mentioned a couple of times in this post but I literally have no idea what it is so I'm rather curious.

I've been playing the game for approaching two years now and feel like the user base has declined in this time. (This may be incorrect I honestly have no idea) just an observation. I would like to see more people playing the game as I think it has a lot to offer. I still enjoy the game but would like to see smaller maps and more opportunities for war, secession within realms, multiple characters on continents may help this.


Might want to contact Delvin Anaris on discord.