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Family Gold

Started by Elynbrigge, January 16, 2021, 03:01:14 AM

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I've amassed a bountiful amount of family gold. If one of my characters needs this, how can I transfer some to them? Is it possible?



There are various options that allow your characters to make use of family gold, though we've had to impose some additional restrictions over the years to prevent certain abuses of the feature.

One of the most popular methods is family investment, available once you have over 2000 family gold. When you use this option, your family will spend a certain amount of its fortune to boost production in the region you're in, which, if it's also the region you have an estate in, means you will be among those who get some extra tax gold.

If your character is particularly poor, and your family has over 1200 gold, you may get the option to simply ask your family to give you some. However, this comes with a cost in prestige, and can't be done too frequently.

If your character has easy access to the region the family home is in, they can visit it, which will occasionally result in a kindly aunt sending you on your way with a little extra. This also can't be done too often, but doesn't carry the same social stigma of openly asking for the money.
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