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Started by Tom, September 13, 2021, 05:49:23 PM

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Seeing this makes me happy!
WARNING: Outer Tilog is different...


Here are some updates on the single-player re-launch:

Since most of the core game-design is done, actual implementation work is making progress quickly. At the moment, I have the day/night cycle and changing weather and seasons working, as well as basic UI, camera controls and building construction. I've started working on monsters and I need to add more buildings before it is anywhere near playable (at the moment I have a hut, a wooden house, a fence, palisade, watchtower and chicken pens).

So right now I would call it a "tech demo" or something.

I plan to bring it a bit closer to at least basic gameplay, so that it could be called a teaser or early gameplay demo, and then update the Steam channels so you all can have a look. So stay tuned.


The game is making rapid progress and is nearing a playable release. I expect to release a first demo version within the next days.