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Promote or suppress religion
« Topic Start: November 08, 2021, 09:55:13 PM »
I wanted to make a suggestion for how to correct the imbalance recently discussed when it comes to legacy verses new religions. What if we gave region lords the option to suppress or promote religions? Doing so will give conversion bonuses to the promoted religions and penalties to the suppressed ones. The ability would need to be significantly less powerful than a priest or else barely anyone would bother being a priest. Perhaps it could be designed to work in conjunction with priests in order to see significant conversions. Maybe promoting a religion could even reduce the risk of a priest being wounded by a mob, the rationale being that the lord is personally ordering the city watch to protect them. There should also be drawbacks, suppressing the region's dominant religion should certainly make the peasants more unruly. Something like this could drive P2P interaction and put more control in the hands of lower-ranking players.