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The Prophet Severina
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Roleplay from Severina Erickson Player experience level: mentor Player play preference: rp
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The sun set, and a cool wind whipped across the craggy rocks of the Corridor of Torment, disturbing what few sparse, thorny shrubs clung to the rocks and crags.

Severina stood before nine pyres, behind her, her disciples stood, some with arms in slings, others on crutches, none battleworthy.

They had attracted much attention when they arrived for muster some days prior. They wore mail, but their resemblance to normal soldiers ended there. Rather than sword and spear they carried maces, and iron staffs.  Besides the armor they wore cloaks and hoods of grey like the members of some ascetic orders. Their heads were shaved, and their foreheads bore three red dots.

Severina marched afore them similarly attired and armed. Her head was unmarked by needle and ink, but instead she wore a simple ring of silver wire with three rubies at its center. Most striking was her placid demeanor. Even in the heat of battle only the slightest tension in her cheeks and widening of her blue eyes, betrayed the stress of combat.

The blood of beasts and men now stained her grey cloak as well as the vestments of her followers. An acolyte handed her a torch.

"Theses nine have served the cause of enlightenment. I commit them to the divine with full martyr's honors. May the Bloodstars shine on them, and through them and may they become one with their holy light"

With that she lit the pyres one by one, the flames climbing into the night sky, illuminating the dreary clouds above.

Roleplay from Severina Erickson Player experience level: mentor Player play preference: rp
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Severina wandered the recruitment centers of Darfix, coming at last upon a group of familiar faces.

"Holy one!" a soldier shouted.

"You address me as such Sigric, but you have not treated me as such. It was quite a surprise to wake from my meditation alone."

Trembling the acolyte dropped to his knees followed by the dozen others.

"Forgive us prophetess, we beseech you!" he cried, "You had been in seclusion so long, we though surely sleeping-sickness had taken you."

"For years now clouds have shrouded the Blood Stars yet so many remain faithful. How can I trust in your faith?"

"Please! Do not send us from your sight! How may we atone?"

"Go forth and gather others," Severina replied, "find more warriors who will follow me."

The men leapt to their feet and dispersed to preach among the recruits.