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The Prophet Severina

Started by pcw27, May 23, 2022, 09:45:53 PM

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The sun set, and a cool wind whipped across the craggy rocks of the Corridor of Torment, disturbing what few sparse, thorny shrubs clung to the rocks and crags.

Severina stood before nine pyres, behind her, her disciples stood, some with arms in slings, others on crutches, none battleworthy.

They had attracted much attention when they arrived for muster some days prior. They wore mail, but their resemblance to normal soldiers ended there. Rather than sword and spear they carried maces, and iron staffs.  Besides the armor they wore cloaks and hoods of grey like the members of some ascetic orders. Their heads were shaved, and their foreheads bore three red dots.

Severina marched afore them similarly attired and armed. Her head was unmarked by needle and ink, but instead she wore a simple ring of silver wire with three rubies at its center. Most striking was her placid demeanor. Even in the heat of battle only the slightest tension in her cheeks and widening of her blue eyes, betrayed the stress of combat.

The blood of beasts and men now stained her grey cloak as well as the vestments of her followers. An acolyte handed her a torch.

"Theses nine have served the cause of enlightenment. I commit them to the divine with full martyr's honors. May the Bloodstars shine on them, and through them and may they become one with their holy light"

With that she lit the pyres one by one, the flames climbing into the night sky, illuminating the dreary clouds above.

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Severina wandered the recruitment centers of Darfix, coming at last upon a group of familiar faces.

"Holy one!" a soldier shouted.

"You address me as such Sigric, but you have not treated me as such. It was quite a surprise to wake from my meditation alone."

Trembling the acolyte dropped to his knees followed by the dozen others.

"Forgive us prophetess, we beseech you!" he cried, "You had been in seclusion so long, we though surely sleeping-sickness had taken you."

"For years now clouds have shrouded the Blood Stars yet so many remain faithful. How can I trust in your faith?"

"Please! Do not send us from your sight! How may we atone?"

"Go forth and gather others," Severina replied, "find more warriors who will follow me."

The men leapt to their feet and dispersed to preach among the recruits.


Severina passes through the looming gateway of the Temple at Under Darfix. Her pilgrims follow close behind. The temple guards watch with stoic curioisty. Her captain, Honana, carries a large leather case clutching it to her chest as a mother would clutch her babe.

Together they ascent the steps to the topmost balcony. There Honana opens the case and one by one sets out its contents, first an easily, which the other pilgrims assemble for her, then parchment of the finest quality, quils and stiluses, precious inks of red and black, the sort reserved only for illumination, and last, and most reverently handled, a leatherbound book of notes. The captain takes her place beside the easil, holding the notebook open, facing towards Severina, ready to turn the pages at her request.

Severina stands before the easil and gently grasps a quil. She gazes once more at the pale red glow where the bloodstars hide behind the acursed clouds.

Then she closes her eyes and whispers,"The Bloodstars shine upon us always, even when we cannot see them", then opens them again and announces, "it is time," and at last dips her quil into the black ink.


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Severina set her stilus aside, her task done at last. For days she had scarcely done anything besides illuminate her sacred work. There was nothing to do now but wait for the inks to dry. She had produced four identical scrolls. Three of them were destined for leatehr cases marked "Mimer", "Libidizedd" and "Eidulb". One, the first she had painted, would be hung prominently in the main hall of the temple. Rendered in exquisit caligraphy and expertly illustrated, it depicted the Blood Stars in the different phases changing by the day, a calendar for the coming year, set to begin on the first of spring.

She gazed again at the sky, waiting for the night to come again.


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Night fell, the first night of spring. Severina and her acolytes waited. At first the clouds to the west maintained their position, shrouding the light of the Bloodstars, reducing them to a sickly pale, red glow. Severina's heart pounded in her chest.

'The sign will come, it has to,' she assured herself.

Slowly almost imperceptibly, the clouds began to thin. Little by little the hazy glow seperated into two distinct lights until at last the Bloodstars shined clear as day for the first time in years. The Austere was dark, but the Auspicious and Maddening bright with the Auspicious ascending. Tears trickled down Severina's cheeks, for her calendar perfeclty matched the stars.


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My time has come. I bring you on this the first night of spring a sign of my enlightenment, through months of careful meditation I have sensed the Blood Stars through the fell mists and learned their rhythms. I gift to the church a holy calendar, so that the signs may be known even when the stars are shrouded.

It is time to restore the heart of this faith.

In service to the divine Blood Stars,

Severina Erickson
Dame of Darfix
Priestess of Sanguis Astroism
Knight of the Temple of Sanguis Astroism


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On a hill beside a crossroads Severina spreads a blanket and kneels, meditating upon the Blood Stars. Hours pass and she does not move. Peasants pass by, indifferent at first, but eventually stopping in wonder at the perfectly still figure. Some wonder if she is in fact a very well-painted statue.

Report from Severina Erickson Player experience level: mentor Player play preference: rp
Message sent to everyone in Sanguis Astroism (30 recipients) - 30 days, 13 minutes ago

The Austere is bright, but the Maddening waxes. In two days time it shall be bright as well. Who among you have pressing decisions to make? Do you puzzle and strain over them? Now is not the time to decide. For now wait, not in innaction, but in preparation for aciton, not in indecision but in preparation for decision.

When the Maddening brightens, your instincts may present to you a solution. If not, do not become anxious for the Austere will still be bright. Wait further, the Maddening shall ascend and the next night will reach its zenith as the Austere wanes. Your emotions will become stronger. For many your heart will guide you to the correct path on this day. If you have not chosen your path come the 4th day of Summer that is the perfect moment, for Maddening and Auspicious will both be bright, heart and mind will lead you to the correct course.

I shall spend the next two days at least in meditation, and from there, only the stars can say.

In service to the Divine Blood Stars,

Severina Erickson
Dame of Darfix
Priestess of Sanguis Astroism
Light of Sanguis Astroism

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(Personal message to Severina Erickson) - 24 days, 15 hours, 27 minutes ago
The small hall is packed. Meginhard has organized a feast for his soldiers and also his servants. The rugged border folk and bloody trophees on the wall surround an odd appearance in the middle of the room. Many of them in awe of such an important figure to their faith – others curious about their lord's eagerness to return home.

Meginhard raises his hand and the hall becomes silent. "My lady, please speak!"

Meginhard Brennaborg
Senator of Sabadell

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(Personal message to Meginhard Brennaborg) - 24 days, 14 hours, 45 minutes ago
Silence falls over the halls as Severina rises gracefully. She is clad as usual in soft grey gown and a tiara consisting of a single band of silver which supports three rubies centered upon her forehead.

"Senator Meginhard, greetings. My sincere thanks for your hospitality. I am honored by the opportunity to preach of the Bloodstars before you and your loyal soldiers."

She gestured to the western wall of the banquet hall, one dominated by great windows. As fortune would have it, the Blood Stars were once again visible. After the miracle in Darfix the clouds had returned, but only intermittently. Accurate as the prophetess' calendar was, the faithful still treasured every glimpse they could see of the stars after they had been shrouded for so long. The Austere was waning, the Auspicious waxing, and the Maddening Bright and superior.

"Behold, the divine Blood Stars. First observed by the earliest colonists of Dwilight, they granted visions to the first prophet Mathurin revealing their power and influence upon us. See their crimson glow? They are called the blood-stars and their light flows within our very veins. The Maddening influences our emotions, the Auspicious our logic and rational thought, and the Austere, the Austere is a balance between them, a source of meditative serenity. When man is ignorant of the Blood Stars their emotions, logic, and serenity tend towards imbalance. Through meditation upon these divine lights we achieve balance.

The Church of Sanguis Astroism was once great. Our teachings enlightened kings and generals and birthed the mightiest empires ever seen in the history of Dwilight. Then the dark times came. Mathurin perished, and in his absence came strife and discord. With no spiritual head the church languished, more often than not it was used as a political tool rather than a fraternal order of worship. I was conceived by the light of the Blood Stars, created for a purpose. I believe that purpose is to restore the glory of our faith and bring forth a new enlightened age.

I have said much. I now welcome any questions you may have"

Severina Erickson
Dame of Darfix
Priestess of Sanguis Astroism

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The hall falls silent. All eyes anxiously directed at the senator. Then the silence is broken: the door opens and a soldier nervously looks at the spectacle – the spectacle gazing back. He looks at Meginhard: "A message from the Lord Commander." "Come forth." replies the senator.

Meginhard reads the message, frowns and rises. "I do not know much about stars, but I know this: two days ago our king was forced to declare war on the treacherous Lurians and today ..." he raises the letter above his head, "... today our Lord Commander has entrusted us to enter the battlefield by ourselves." He pauses as he allows the words to sink in. "Tomorrow we shall leave early for Aquitain and at sunset the stars shall witness our victory!"

Then he turns to his visitor. "Lady Severina, I can see the influence of your Maddening Star, I know your hunger to fulfil your purpose. Tell us how to meditate, tell us how the Stars relate to the Virtues we have learned, tell us of this 'enlightened age' you speak of. And what does it mean to be conceived by the light of the Blood Stars?"

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The news of the sudden outbreak of war does not seem to trouble the Prophetess save a hint of greater intensity in her eyes.

"So the domain of the maddening is upon us. The stars have indeed guided me to this moment. For days I waited until the signs were right to make entreaties to you Senator, and now they bring us together at the dawn of war.

There are many ways to meditate and often we must discover for ourselves what is ideal for us. But the beginning is to reflect upon the Blood Stars. Let me answer your second question and through it demonstrate meditation and attunement to the divine three.

There are some who doubt what I am about to tell you, for it is a somewhat paradoxical story, but hear it in its fullness and you shall know it must be true. Over twenty years ago an Astroist priest, bitter and disillusioned with the state of the world went on pilgrimage to Darfix. There he met an order of monks dedicated to bringing about the second prophet. Their vessel was the maiden Illyria. Day after day the priest observed their rituals. Each evening as the blood stars burned bright they ventured with Illyria into the waters of Boreal's Harbour, where the great Astroist king Boreal Arrakis breathed his last. As the monks held up sheets to guard her modesty, she would bath in the light of the Blood Stars. This ritual continued for months until at last she conceived. Every monk of the order, and the priest likewise attest that never was there an opportunity that her chastity might have been broken. The only explanation was parthenogenesis. As you may have guessed, Illyria was my mother. The priest's name was Turin Erickson, who I came call uncle, into whom's house I have been adopted, and in his day he was one of the most powerful and respected elders of the church. It was Turin who brought Illyria to civilization. She gave birth to me on the paving stones of the first temple of Caiyun, and Turin related the circumstances of my birth and my destiny to lead the faith to the entire congregation,"

She paused, looking soldiers and servants in the eyes, none could long withstand her gaze.

"I sense doubt, and I do not begrudge it, it is a fantastic thing to claim, but fantastic things happen in this world, though rarely. Some will propose my father was one of the monks, but if I had been, Turin would have known and he would never have brought my mother forth from Darfix. Some will say Turin is my father. First, he was over 100 years old at the time I was conceived, and it's doubtful he could sire offspring if he'd tried. Second, few nobles ever enjoyed as much power and esteem within the church as Turin. If he were a deceitful man he could easily have simply declared himself second prophet and the church would have accepted it, but he was not deceitful and he knew in his heart that he was not prophet. So you see, my tale stranger than legends though it may be is truth."

She turned to the windows again. The entire assembly does the same as if entranced.

"Look to the stars, feel the light of the waxing Auspicious, it resonates within your blood as it courses through your brain. Your sense of reason sees the logical proofs within my tale, but the star-signs as they are, this is not enough. Look now towards the maddening, feel the blood as it courses through your heart, the seat of passion and emotion. Your anxiety and your uncertainty fades away, yet the heart races, ready to rejoice at the good news, ready to rage at your foes on the battlefield. Now at last there is the Austere waning but still mediating between the two, soon it will be dark and the time for action will be upon us. And thus you have taken your first step on the endless journey towards the divine."

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Meginhard had a pensitive look an was silent the rest of the evening. When Severina wakes up the following morning, a servant escorts her to the now quiet halls. There she is welcomed by Liutgard, stepmother of Meginhard. Liutgard hands her a letter.

Lady Severina,

You speak of wondrous things, but I can only judge what I see. And what I did see, is majesty.

On account of their birth some become farmers and if their perform their duties well, they prosper and many due to them can have life.

On account of my birth, I became a bailiff and because I did my duties well, I became a senator and many due to me can survive.

On account of our birth, you became a prophetess and if you perform your duties well, you can bring this enlightenment you speak of and many due to you can thrive.

I have sent heralds to every corner of Sabadell to command my people to receive you as they would receive me.

Whatever light is within you, let it shine.

Yours humbly,


Lord Jorge's invitation was a surprise but a welcome one. The Prophetess had expected to pass quickly through the Well of Mimer on her pilgrimage to Darfix. It seemed only fitting that she should be called to evangelize to the nobility.

She entered his halls clad in the raiment she'd worn since departing from Ashrak, simple grey robes tied with a blood red cord and a grey cloak. She carried an oak quarterstaff as her only protection. As her journey was meant to illuminate the connection between divinity and the earth she walked barefoot, which raised the eyebrows of some servants and guards unfamiliar with the symbolism.

Severina's audience with Jorge began at last in his great hall. As lord of the manor he addressed her first so as to introduce her sermon.

"As a former follower of Sanguis Astroism I reach out to you in our hour of need for a blessing. We will be surely crushed by the Westgard forces and die here but maybe a prayer to my former God might offer a slight ray of hope," He said.

Severina nodded, "It does my heart well to know that one who has strayed from the path is drawn again towards faith in a time of hardship. You refer to the Bloodstars as your former God and I might guess at the source of your disillusionment.

Man at his most uncivilized practices paganism, the superstitions of the rural peasants. Theirs is a world of malevolent spirits that must be appeased by arcane rituals and strange omens to be avoided.

From these primitive beliefs come the second lowest form of human religion, the worship of anthropomorphic deities. These differ from the fae and hobgoblins of superstition only in that they are imagined as great regal figures rather than wretched terrors, and playful tricksters in the wilderness. The anthropomorphic gods demand worship and sacrifice, offer rewards and threaten punishments, and these would be cause for great concern except for one simple fact, they are not real. Gods such as these are man-made fantasies. Some were imagined to answer questions about the world, others as characters for epic tales, many were invented by charlatans for profit and coercion. Clearly the lot those who ignore these giant, invisible, men and women in the sky is no worse than those who piously worship them. So we civilized peoples should conclude that they do not exist. Even if we entertain the idea that they might, clearly there is no need to waste any time or resources appeasing them.

Many a believer in the Blood Stars makes the mistake of assigning human characteristics to them. This is understandable for we often speak of "The will of the Blood Stars". However, remember that the Blood Stars are of a divinity beyond what the human mind can fully comprehend or what human language can describe. It to imagine the Blood Stars as three balls of flame with the minds of men is to debase them in your thoughts from what they truly are.

Many have implored the Blood Stars to bring about some desired end, and when this does not come about some lose faith. They are as a weary traveller on a cold night who sits beside a fire and implores the fire "make the sun rise!" and when it does not they depart from the fire, walking into cold and darkness.

The light of the Blood Stars touches the souls of mankind for they are of the same substance as our souls and just as unknowable. Meditation upon the Blood Stars profits us greatly. The wise have enumerated upon the ways for generations now. Some of the greatest nobles ever to grace Dwilight were of Astroist faith. Their balanced spirits helped them achieve incredible things. 

The Blood Stars cannot promise that your realm will survive this war. They can however promise that you will thrive no matter where this war takes you, renown in battle, glory in death, triumphant victory or honorable defeat. Attune yourself with the Austere, Auspicious and Maddening, and they shall be yours.


A theological debate in the Well of Mimer between myself and a Sun Priest

Letter from Severina Erickson
Message sent to everyone in Well of Mimer (1 recipients) - 3 hours, 7 minutes ago

Priest Galadric,

Greetings. Some time ago I posed a question to a sun priest and received no reply. Perhaps you could answer that question. What does it profit a man to worship the sun? Does the sun not shine equally on all? Whether one worships the sun, or the moon, or the stars, or the elements, or giant invisible men or women, the sun shines the same. Loyal or traitor, brave or coward, good or evil the sun cares not. So why then do you worship the sun?

In service to the divine Blood Stars.

Severina Erickson
Priestess of Sanguis Astroism

Letter from Galandric Aboolio
(Personal message to Severina Erickson) - 47 minutes ago

Lady Severina,

The reality of our universe is more complex then you know, and to turn a blind eye to the truths of the universe is to be lost in the darkness. Luckily those of us in Lux Nova see clearly in the light of the all revealing sun.

Our faith and belief is built upon wisdom imparted to us through study of the celestial domain and the revelation of the prophet Gotz about the nature of the cosmos. The blood starts are an easily tangible way to gleam bits a piece's of the unutterable knowledges of the cosmos, the church of Sanguis Astroism achieved it purpose in recognizing this truth, but the full truth was much more powerful. The bloodstars are but reflections of a greater light, an all powerful source of knowledge and power so infallible that it illuminates all it touches. While the laymen may never be able to gaze into the light of the suns divine providence and see it for what it is we have tempered ourselves to withstand its power, and through it we have gained visions, wisdom, prophecy.

The church of Sanguis Astroism is built upon a hierarchy that has proven to be driven by a pursuit of politics and power rather than enlightenment and knowledge. Your letter presumes the only reason any would follow a religion is to enjoy some sense of self-importance not shared by the masses, that if the sun shines on all then there is no reason to search within its eyes for wisdom. We have cast that sort of mindset aside, and looked without fear into the face of the blinding sun! Many of us did in fact go blind, and some suffered awful sunburns, but we also found truth. The path forward is to recognize where the true power of the cosmos derives and accept it as truth not because it is convenient, but because it is right.


Galandric Aboolio
Margrave of Shinnen
Priest of Lux Nova

Letter from Severina Erickson
(Personal message to Galandric Aboolio) - just in

Priest Galandric,

It is most interesting to hear that Gotz is considered a prophet among you. I knew him as a member of my congregation who held not a whit of interest in theology. Tell me how did he come to claim prophethood among you? What signs did he produce of his enlightenment?

I must say the theology you claim in which the Blood Stars are heralds of a greater divinity is most different from what was preached in the early days of Lux Nova, when they were rejected outright. I was there. The same priest who could not answer my question (and if memory serves it was Gotz) said the Blood Stars were mere distractions to be shunned. If the Blood Stars are a reflection of divinity then surely to profane them is to profane the divinity? For one does not look at a king's reflection in the mirror and say "You are a wicket hideous thing!" and then when the King faces them with ire reply "What is the cause of your rage sire? I did not say you were wicked and hideous, only that your reflection was!". 

You condemn the pursuit of power and politics within a church, so then Lux Nova is apolitical and uninterested in power? That is good to hear. Then surely you do not accept imperial support, nor take orders to perform acts strictly for the good of the Empire that have no higher theological benefit. If I may ask how is it that you came to be here in the outskirts of Mimer at precisely the same time that a Lurian army is ravaging the city?

No the blessings of the Bloodstars are not confined to an elect few. All who meditate upon their radiance will reap their benefits, and those who act in ignorance of them are prone to folly.

So you have given me an answer, I will grant that. You claim that it profits a man to worship the sun because it imparts wisdom and enlightenment. Can you describe this wisdom any further? So far you have only said that it drives men to burn their skin and go blind. What benefit does it impart that makes this wisdom worthy of such sacrifice. 

In Service to the Divine Blood Stars,

Severina Erickson
Priestess of Sanguis Astroism


"Letter from Severina Erickson Player experience level: mentor Player play preference: rp
Message sent to everyone in Sanguis Astroism (22 recipients) - just in
Brothers Sisters take heed,

See how the false shepherd leads a flock astray, see how a creed of lies leads to a depraved mind and wretched disposition. He who has enlightenment does not make himself loathsome to others. One does not light a candle and then place it in a latrine pit.

"Letter from Galandric Aboolio
(Personal message to Severina Erickson) - 1 hour, 14 minutes ago

Priestess Severina,

The prophet Gotz was enlightened in the Desert of Silhouettes, which he roamed alone in search of answers after the faith he followed was used as a weapon of war. As the ineffable sun beat down upon him he realized its power, its importance to the working of the cosmos. He looked into the maw of the endless void of unrelenting energy and saw within the interworking's of all that make this world of ours turn. He was enlightened, and saw the truth that had eluded the followers of the blood stars for so long, that the blood stars are nothing but a tool of the untrained to gaze at powers beyond their understanding from afar. While once we may have needed to rely upon such guides we have found a better path forward.

You may claim Gotz to be some manner of poor student, but this only reveals your own ineptitude as a teacher of your faith in failing to see his true potential. Gotz has gone on to lead a new church that is coming to rival yours, he has unraveled truths about the universe that no one could before have dreamed of. His revelations are deep and often time beyond understanding, but one is clear and easy to see. The old church is built upon a foundation of corruption. While once there may have been genuine prophets and seers among the church who could gaze into the divine light and see truth, now all that remains are charlatans and pretenders. Those like you yourself. You wield your faith as a bludgeon to earn yourself political power. You have no visions of prophecy, no true divine inspiration. You are simply a woman bent upon domination, and you wield your authority not as a leader but as a tyrant bent upon bolstering yourself and yourself alone to greater power.

To answer your question, the reason we regard the Bloodstars with contempt is because they are but a handful of refracted images of a greater picture that you and yours cling to as if they represent all there is to see. There are millions of reflections of the eternal light reflected in the night sky, and hundreds of red stars even that could could use to piece together a refracted image of the truth and draw prophecy, but you refuse to look at them. Your worship of the bloodstars is no mirror of a great king, it is as an ant gazing upon a dewdrop showing a refraction of the kings might third toe and claiming that that and that alone is the true answer to everything! You are blind to the incalculable magnitude of the divine forces at work in the cosmos, and your attempt to bicker and deride every paltry detail of your own questionable practices only drives this point. You care not to find wisdom or answers in the greater universe around you, only to bicker and debate about whether your dewdrop bears any merit.

Should you truly genuinely desire to learn what lies beyond your miniscule perspective I invite you to look into the sun and put aside your predispositions. The wisdom, the prophecy, and the power it imparts cannot be stated so simply in words. To truly behold it beyond it's physical nature you must learn to set aside all else, all worldly needs and wants, and embrace its nature. I have my doubts you could do this, from what I have seen of your disposition you are far too self-interested to set aside your sense of self and let the divine light permeate you, but if you wonder into the desert and set aside everything else you too may too burn away your ignorance.


Galandric Aboolio
Margrave of Shinnen
Priest of Lux Nova"

Severina Erickson
Priestess of Sanguis Astroism
Prophetess of Sanguis Astroism"

"Letter from Severina Erickson Player experience level: mentor Player play preference: rp
Message sent to everyone in Sanguis Astroism (22 recipients) - just in
And my final rebuke,

"Letter from Severina Erickson
(Personal message to Galandric Aboolio) - 32 minutes ago

Priest Galandric,

I see. So after much interrogation, and with it hostility and slander you have at last answered the question "What does it profit a man to worship the sun?".

And your answer is "wisdom", but the wisdom cannot be explained or even described, nor can you point to anything achieved by this wisdom, save the modest growth your church has enjoyed with the aid of several hundred thousand gold coins from the imperial treasury, and also there is no guarantee that the sun worshiper will actually receive these benefits, and he may go blind trying.

As for the many most unsolicited and unprovoked accusations you have leveled, all that need be replied is thus, your every accusation is nought but a confession.

Thank you for this most productive discourse. Farewell.

In service to the Divine Blood Stars,

Severina Erickson
Priestess of Sanguis Astroism"

Severina Erickson
Priestess of Sanguis Astroism
Prophetess of Sanguis Astroism"



Some correspondence of which you should be aware:

"Letter from Severina Erickson
(Personal message to Wassgandr Felsenbach) - 3 days, 14 hours, 26 minutes ago


Congratulations, your war against my faith in the south has been a rousing success, another illustrious victory for your legendary record. I doubt if any priest of any faith for the next seven generations will dare preach against you or your realm.

Is there nothing that might induce you to spare this last bastion of our church within your lands? Given the significance Sanguis Astroism and its schisms to your history, and the grievous harm that these assaults do to the moral of your peasants and the economy of your city, is there no further incentive that might sway you to leaving the temple in peace? A regular tithe? Monuments to your glory? Greater tolerance for Lux Nova? The life of a hated foe? Sister Katrina, whose auto de fe sparked this conflict has been afflicted with sleeping-sickness for some time and is likely to die, so hear death which you long sought will not be yours to claim and I doubt for her to die by natural causes will satisfy you, but perhaps you desire a substitute? There is much left I could do in this world, but I would offer my martyrdom for the sake of my faith and its followers.

In Service to the Divine Blood Stars,

Severina Erickson
Duchess of Belianzi's Breath
Margravine of Nifelhold
Priestess of Sanguis Astroism

Letter from Wassgandr Felsenbach
(Personal message to Severina Erickson) - 3 days, 1 minute ago

Priestess Severina,

Your attempts to dissuade me from closing down the final temple of the stars are futile. The church's aggression against the Ascendancy was the initial spark, and now it is time for the church to face the consequences, at least within the Ascendancy.

Furthermore, the temple serves as the last impediment to the full conversion of the Ascendancy's territories. Given your openly hostile stance toward Lux Nova, leaving the temple intact poses a risk of it becoming a religious weapon against my people. Such vulnerabilities cannot be tolerated within the Ascendancy.

Considering the various deceptions and maneuvers the church has employed, your words alone lack the credibility needed for trust. The bolstering of temple guards in Giask has not gone unnoticed. However, it should be clear that without the people's support, these guards are insufficient to thwart my forces.

Actions speak louder than words, and until the church demonstrates a change in its approach, trust remains elusive.

Wassgandr Felsenbach
Heliacal, Empyreus of Luria Nova
Royal of Luria Nova
Duke of Eternal Radiance
Margrave of Askileon
Marshal of the Novan Wrath"

One day the blood of the martyrs shall cry out from the earth, and the tyrants and apostates shall tremble. 

In Service to the Divine Blood Stars,