Author Topic: The Black Grimoire: Tales of the Masked One, the Hand of Death  (Read 2299 times)


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Message sent to all nobles of Reven (19 recipients) - 4 hours, 30 minutes ago

What justification One Winged one

One Winged one who speaks only to interrupt others

Interrupt them in their businesses and dealings

Interrupt them in their killings and their lootings

What have you given us to be interested in

Spare us your commandings of denial

There will be much killing

If you do not give it to us we will take it

Caladar Rizz
Knight of Vozzessdor

Letter from Caladar Rizz

Message sent to all nobles of Reven (19 recipients) - 3 hours, 3 minutes ago

You write not only to a small child killer

For he is indeed a small child a foolish

Write it

Write it killer the Masked One the Hand of Death commands you

Write it killer write it now

Obedient killer a small one as I said before

Small and foolish one delaying and prevaricating

He will write what he is commanded

Commanded by the Masked One the Hand of Death

Killer of men and monsters and daimons and elves and the old dark ones

What do you know of flames killer

Flames that burned down townsland and city alike

Flames that were the pyre of empire

Torches to guide them on the path to death

Slow and slow burning they were

Burned by the flames of silence but for no

Caladar Rizz
Knight of Vozzessdor
By the way, would love to see you coordinate three realms without having an OOC teamspeak with everyone on it.