Author Topic: The Black Grimoire: Tales of the Masked One, the Hand of Death  (Read 924 times)


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Report from Caladar Rizz

(Personal message to Aibhlidhn Dubhaine)

Letter from Caladar Rizz
Message sent to all nobles of Thalmarkin (18 recipients) - 1 hour, 41 minutes ago

Diplomacies killers

Friendly words for our friend the shattered one

Letter from Caladar Rizz
(Personal message to Jecht Tideweaver) - just in

You cause delayings shattered one

Delayings of marchings to the southlands

The building of friendships they call

The dead ones who walk and kill they call

Call with silent tongues empty eyes and growling

Growling stomachs hungering for human flesh

Witness killer the hordes do grow and wander

Grow and wander there will be much killing

Seek not enmity shattered one we did send warnings

Warnings and golds both did you forget killer

We did bring 100 golds to the city of Gethsemene

50 were taken by your bureaucrats greedy ones

We did intend their sendings as payments for the killers

The killers of Reven foolish ones we did seek to aid

They desired not killing shattered one

You have shattered them into weak ones and spineless

They were unprepared for killing we did move on

The killers of Thalmarkin do stand prepared for much killing

Much killing killer whether here or in the southlands

We are pleased with our new realm our new ruler new titles

And much killing killer the choice is yours

We do but send friendly advisings shattered one

Seek not enmity with the Masked One the Hand of Death

Caladar Rizz
Knight of Unger
Marshal of the Great Thalmarkin Horde
By the way, would love to see you coordinate three realms without having an OOC teamspeak with everyone on it.