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Work in Progress / The Seeker Council: Chapter 5
« on: January 16, 2018, 07:49:23 PM »
Reis considered what the first being said. A request for cooperation? It had included that third being, the one that had landed on the opposite side of the rift, in the request as well. Could beings such as they work together to accomplish this?

Reis tentatively reached out toward the power in the rift. The power emanating from it was unmistakable. From this close, it was impossible to mistake it for anything other than the very power that was used to manipulate the world. Perhaps not the reality-warping power that could raise mountains and create life. But this was still power. And it contained an echo of that other power within it. Perhaps you couldn't use this to raise mountains. But if you could concentrate it enough... Or perhaps concentrate wasn't quite the right word. Multiply? Synergize?

It would take some experimentation to determine how it could work. And Reis was certain that it *could* work. But first they had to control it. Reis was certain that this first being was correct. No one being could hope to control this on their own. It would take cooperation. Three? It had suggested three. It might work.

"Yes. I will ... help. The three of us may be able to control it enough to release the power trapped within. To control it, so it may be used."

Reis reached out with the power contained within itself toward the first being that was on the same side of the rift. It was not a reaching out in a physical sense. It was an extension of power intended to allow the two of them to establish a joint control over the source in the rift.

Reis looked over to address the third being that had arrive, the one on the other side of the rift.

"Will you join with us? Perhaps with three, we may be able to gain control and learn to harvest the energy contained within."

Work in Progress / The Seeker Council: Chapter 2
« on: January 12, 2018, 06:31:07 PM »
Reis felt a sudden awareness of power. The power had not suddenly appeared, the "awareness" of it had appeared. It felt familiar, like the power that Reis had sometimes used. The creation of Shuran had been accomplished with this power, and the use of it had somehow lessened Reis. It seemed to return of its own accord, but slowly. That had inspired caution, as Reis did not know where the power came from, or how to get more of it.

But here was more. Much more. And Reis wanted it.

Quickly, Reis journeyed toward that power.

A giant crevasse had opened in one of the human towns. Tascrig, the town was called. The crevasse had split the town neatly down the center. At the bottom of the crevasse, those glowing stones, that is where the power lay. But something else had made it there first.

At the side of the crevasse stood a massive, rocky form. It looked vaguely like a human, if one imagined a human made of molten, glowing rock. It had a head, and arms, but no legs. Where the legs should have been was a solid trunk.

To be polite, Reis took a form as well. A shimmering, amorphous cloud formed in the air near, but not threateningly near, the rocky figure. Two cold, blue eyes glowed from within the cloud. The eyes looked down into the crevasse, then toward the rocky being.

"The power down there. It feels familiar. I have used it before, but I do not know what it is. Is it ... yours?"

Work in Progress / The Color Green - Chapter 2
« on: January 10, 2018, 11:30:26 PM »
So much to explore. So much to experience. The endless mountains and plains. Valleys and rifts. Cold, frigid mountain lakes flowing down winding rivers into wide oceans. Ocean surf pounding rocky shores into gentle beaches.

Reis reveled in it all. The exploration and the knowing. Always the knowing. Soon that exploration revealed something new that had not been there before. It was ... green. It spread at a prodigious pace, and soon nearly covered all of Ardein. Only the loftiest, frozen heights such as Shuran's Perch remained almost pure white. Even the less mighty peaks had some scraggly evergreens that clawed their way up their steep flanks.

Reis loved the green in all of its forms. Exploration of this new green took much of Reis attention. However, Reis knew that something was lacking. Exploration and knowing would be much more rewarding if there was more variation in things to explore. That would provide more things to be known. And much exploration would be needed to seek it all out. This idea pleased Reis.

But how should this be done? The new green was wonderful. Perhaps it should be mixed with other colors as well. That would be fitting. Colors mixed with other colors. Reis drew upon the knowledge gathered during the endless exploration. Here was the blue of the ocean. There was the red of the fires at the heart of the world. The white of the purest snows. The yellow of the sun. The oranges and purples of the sunsets. And more. So many more.

Reis wrapped these colors in the green. Taught the green to make these, and then released them upon the world. (Create Flowers: 3 Purity) The new colors spread rapidly, and multiplied. They could soon be found almost everywhere on land and at sea. The multitude of the new colors was and endless fascination for all who beheld it. To Reis' further enjoyment, some would devote their whole life to the cultivation of these colors, and create new variations with great vigor and dedication.

Note: I think that 3 Purity sounds about right for this. It's not quite as powerful as creating life in general, but it is a significant modification of a plain "green" for plants, and is spread worldwide.

(Note: If I have this correct, since Zakky wrote the first chapter of the Shapers of the First Continent, someone else has to write the second chapter. Looking over the WIP board, it looks like no one started it, and no one has "claimed" it that I can see. So here it is. Hope I’m doing this right.)

That which was Reis wandered the newly created continent of Ardein. It was vast and wide. Reis would need help to explore such a place.

An exercise of will caused that help to exist. It had wings to carry it fast and far. Bright eyes to see all that could be seen. Keen ears, to hear all that could be heard. Piercing claws with which to defend itself, and a sharp beak with which it could capture prey for sustenance. Unto it, Reis bequeathed the name "Shuran". [Create Hero: 1 Prime] Shuran flew far and wide, collecting the knowledge of the lands of Ardein.

Reis and Shuran explored all the lands of Ardein. To the most memorable, Reis bestowed names. In the far southeast was a lofty mountain of sheer cliffs upon which Shuran rested and surveyed the surrounding land. Upon this mighty peak, Reis bestowed the name Shuran's Perch. (Create Mountain: 1 Purity)

From a glacier-fed lake, high in the central mountain range flowed a fast, wild river that cut a chasm deep into the flanks of the mountain. The river Reis name the White Rush for its headlong flight over a riverbed strewn with jagged rocks. (Create River: 1 Purity) The chasm, with walls so high and narrow that light rarely, if ever, touched the bottom, disturbed Reis greatly. It was named the Dark Rift, and shunned by all. (Create Valley/Canyon: 1 Purity; Feature Feared/Shunned: 1 Prime)

When the continued influx of new experiences and new knowledge became too great, Reis retreated into a vast evergreen forest in the north. Reis caused the forest to be covered in a blanket of unending snow so that none would disturb its rest. (Create Forest: 1 Purity) Over time, the unmelting snow would bring the forest the well-earned, if unimaginative, name of the Frozen Pines.

More Notes: I am doing this from my phone, mostly, so I don’t really have access to the mapping tool. I will upload a graphic showing where I think these features would go. The Green blob in the north would be the Frozen Pines. The Red spot in the southeast would be Shuran’s Perch. The White Rush and the Dark Rift would come out of the Tom’s Central Mountains, wherever that gets placed on the map. I’m not particular about it, so it can just be placed wherever, or I can provide an updated graphic after Tom places his mountain range.

Q&A / The Story Process
« on: January 03, 2018, 03:22:25 AM »
Let's see if i have this right:

1. If I want to start a new story to tell about something, I stat a new thread on the Work In Process board, with a name like "The first Horse, Chapter 1" or something.
2. I write a bit about it, listing the cost of the things I do, if necessary.
3. Other people can comment, asking for clarification. I update the original post as required.
4. After 3 days (?) comments stop and we vote.
5. If 2/3rds agree, it is approved and moved to Legends of the World board. Otherwise, revise and try again in a new thread?
6. After Chapter 1 is done, we can start Chapter 2 in the same way? We have to wait for Chapter 1 to be done before we start posting Chapter 2? Who starts the next chapter, the same person, or anyone?

I think we can add to a Chapter started by someone else, right? So if I wanted to create horses, and I was here when Zakky started his chapter Animals and Men, I could have added on my own part to that, right? That way I don't need a whole new story just to make some horses.

Characters / Reis
« on: January 02, 2018, 08:18:07 PM »

The word rolled across all of creation. The power contained within that single word wrought changes. The rising of a continent upon the face of the world. The separation of one element from another. The introduction of ... difference. The distinction of one thing from another thing.

The creation of difference out of the unending sameness wrought changes unforeseen by that which caused it to be. For the creation of difference brought with it the need to understand that difference. To explore all of its parts. To understand it in all its glory. The need to know. To know everything.

However, knowing could not simply happen by itself. How can knowledge of the unknown be gained with nothing to do the gaining? How could knowledge of such a far-flung thing as all of creation happen without something to go there and do the learning? This could not be accomplished without ... a journey.

And with this, a second word rolled across the world.


This word was much softer, less overt than the brutal power that had raised the land from the seas. That is not to say that it contained no power, for it did indeed. Rather, it was a different power. A different need that drove it. A hunger for knowledge. A drive to explore to seek out that knowledge however far away it lay.


Notes: Since this is a personal creation myth/story, I have taken a slight liberty with the exact ordering of events. But really, this all happened a long time ago, so who’s to say this isn’t how it really happened after all?

Development / Hi.
« on: January 02, 2018, 04:57:57 PM »
Wandered by to see if I could add my two cents to Tom's new protect. Thought I'd drop in and give a wave or two. It's been almost two years. I see several new names, and a couple familiar ones.

BM General Discussion / Tournament (lack of) Gains suck
« on: January 26, 2016, 03:43:40 AM »
Tournament gains   (21 hours, 23 minutes ago)
You gained 0 honour and 0 prestige during the tournament.

20 nobles. I won duels in the first and second rounds, getting knocked out by the future winner in the third round. What did the winner get, one honor?

East Island / MOVED: The Spirit of the Phoenix of Xavax
« on: December 21, 2015, 04:03:25 PM »
Per forum rules, IG messages may not be posted on the forums, with the exception that roleplays may be posted on the roleplaying board.

This topic has been moved to Roleplaying.

Atamara / Rogues vs Cagil
« on: December 16, 2015, 10:45:36 PM »
So what's happening in Cagil? There are reports of hundreds of rogues attacking the city across multiple turns.

Development / MOVED: Secret Cult
« on: December 15, 2015, 12:57:20 PM »

Announcements / Note Regarding New Forum Accounts
« on: December 04, 2015, 04:42:37 AM »
Please note that our forum is constantly under attack by forum spambots. (Sometimes we get over 40 spambot account attempts per day.) Some players will inevitably get trapped by the account approval process until a forum admin has an opportunity to wade through the spambot accounts and sort the good from the bad. In order to help us out and make sure your account approval goes through quickly, the following things would really help: Sign up on the forum using the same email you have registered with the game. Another good way to help us is to use your family name in your forum username in some way. Both of these make it easy for us to cross-reference a potential forum account to a game account, and ensure rapid approval of those that get stuck in the spambot filter.

Also, make sure you read this announcement!

Development / Total Turn Fail
« on: November 24, 2015, 06:59:39 PM »
A wizard did it!

Development / No hours on BT or Dwilight
« on: November 15, 2015, 06:36:11 PM »
Neither of my characters on testing island received hours this turn.

Dwilight / An Event Seven Years in the Making
« on: November 06, 2015, 03:19:50 PM »
It took, literally, seven years. But I have now attained the title of ... Duke of Freke! Now I must hire bards to follow me around singing my theme song.

Technically I'm just the Lord of Freke, since I accidentally stepped down as ruler and can't rename the duchy. But still, I'm counting it. :D

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