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Colonies / Re: Lukon is too big....
« on: April 15, 2011, 06:24:48 PM »
A sad day. Valast will be missed as a character, played quite a part in Rax's development.

Lukon is too big, but the rest of the realms don't always help themselves. Outer Tilog is now happily friendly with them, but in the past, when these concerns were first raised IC, we plotted with all the other realms (except Oritolon) with the intention of taking Portion and forming a new realm.

All of this plotting and planning went well until Giblot decided they'd make the most of us being diverted elsewhere and try to take over the rest of Outer Tilog... Now, everything is as it was. The only time Rax has ever turned on anyone, only to then be let down by allies...

With Valast now gone though :( , who knows what might happen in Lukon...

With my newer characters I come up with a name and just let things flow to see how they develop.

For a couple though, they did have some background elsewhere...

Ryndhal was named after a Dwarven warrior I had in an online game called BloodPit (gladiatorial combat with different styles and races). As a character there his first three battles ended when he killed his opponent (kills don't happen that often, so having a record of 3 matches, 3 kills was impressive). Obviously, over the many many years he's been in the game, he's changed from that initial character though.

Rakaarox was named after Jago's horse and has a similar attitude to Jago :) (Jago being my character from SpellMaster who was one of the main SpellCasters in the Underworld Council, and the first character to ever visit Outer Tilog :)   His horse was raised from a recently dead farm horse (was still warm when he got there). Fortunately no-one knows about his name's origin, especially fortunate that Pharmakeus never knew... (a former Outer Tilog noble with a liking for horses that went beyond the bounds to be discussed here...))

BM General Discussion / Re: Favorite Island
« on: April 13, 2011, 07:57:49 PM »
Colonies for me (so we get 4 votes now!)

All Islands I've been on (which is all of them) have had there fun times and their dull time, but due to the longer turn times on the Colonies it means much more time for politics and plotting and planning, and getting to know the other characters more.

Outer Tilog will always be a very special place, even if it's not to some peoples' liking.

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