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Development / Fresh Code Updates
« on: June 28, 2011, 05:42:11 PM »
For those who haven't looked at the announcements yet, there's a new update that makes some important changes to how archers, MI, and ranged SF and Daimons act.

This should cure the "stupid MI" problems once and for all.

This update also includes a few bugfixes:

  • A problem was introduced by the addition of male/female symbols to the names of the recipients of a message with only a few recipients.  Occasionally, it was causing the message to turn blue and small, like the subtitle.  This has been fixed by making the male/female symbols only show up on the message composition screen, and not be included in the actual message subtitle.
  • Caravans sent with the auto-caravan feature that were giving food away (selling for 0 gold) were producing an error message when they returned. This has been changed to a more sensible message, since the error message was from a time when we assumed that all caravans must return with either some gold or some food.
  • The "Delay Arrival" feature was not appearing on the page after you selected your destination when traveling, forcing you to go back to the main Travel page to see it.  This has been fixed.
  • Reclaiming the upper ranks in a guild/religion mistakenly gave the elder who clicked it the Founder rank, thus also inadvertently granting Founder fame. This will no longer be the case—the Founder rank will always remain, even if it is empty.

And finally, the update includes a minor enhancement to the Message Search feature, allowing you to search your sent messages, or both sent and received (which should allow you to view entire conversations among message groups you are in, including your own messages).

This Forum / Split: Discussion about Reputation Extensions
« on: May 31, 2011, 04:44:40 PM »
Someone (De-Legro, maybe? I forget) mentioned this extension a while back to fix our reputation troubles:

Looks pretty good to me.

Roleplaying / Liara's Missing Month
« on: May 07, 2011, 05:05:58 PM »
Just over a month ago...

While camping in Craigmore, Liara notices a man approaching quickly.  He holds aloft something that looks like a courier's baton, but something seems  She loosens her sword in its sheath and moves to meet him.  He slows and stows the baton, reaching in his saddlebag and producing a message.

Only too late does she recognize him.  "Rodis?" she exclaims.  "How did you—"

But she never gets the chance to finish the question.  His eyes wide with something between terror and grim triumph, he raises the hand holding the papers, and points it at her.  She half-sees a flicker of violet light arcing from him to her; then the papers crumble into dust in his hand, and the world goes dark.

* * *

When she awakens, she is in a small room, lit by a single candle.  It is burned most of the way down.  She remembers the strange attack by Rodis, and wonders where he has brought her.  She quickly takes stock of her situation.  Her sword has been removed, but she has been left everything else—her armour is still on, and even the three knives she keeps concealed about her person are untouched.  The room has a single door, and no window.  The door seems to be—not locked, when she tries it, but blocked from the outside.  The room itself is of a type familiar to her, with a small, simple bed, a chest, and a table, and only barely room besides that to stand up and turn around.  It is the sleeping chamber of a personal servant, and on the other side of the door would be the bedchamber of the master—or mistress, as the case may be.

Given what else she knows, she suspects it must be Rodis's chamber.

As she waits, she makes a catalog of the questions to ask when Rodis comes in.

How did you find me?

Where is this place?

How long have I been unconscious?

Why did you bring me here?

How did you knock me out without touching me?

That last, she is afraid she knows the answer to.  That violet not-light is something she has heard of before, though never seen: it is the indicator, to those with the eyes to see, of demon-magic.  And if Rodis has contracted a demon, even a little one...Five Gods, that would be answer enough for why he left his home!  For a Quadrene to carry a demon is deepest heresy...

The candle has burned down nearly to a stub before there is a muffled scraping on the other side of the door, and it opens to admit a light that nearly blinds her, adjusted as she is to the dim light within the room.  As she blinks away the spots dazzling her vision, she hears Rodis's voice.

"Please don't try to attack me or anything, Liara.  I don't want to have to put you to sleep again.  I don't want to be able to do anything like that!  I just...I need your help.  You're the only one I could turn to."

Her vision beginning to clear, Liara looks at him again in the light from the room beyond—which is, indeed, a bedchamber, with its windows bright with daylight.  "If you need my help, Rodis, you picked a very strange way to go about it.  How did you find me here?"

He shrugs one shoulder, glancing from side to side.  "I found out where you had sailed to by bribing some harbour officials.  Then I bought passage on another ship going the same way. barely made it.  I think the timbers were rotten clear through."

Liara grimaces.  The timbers were probably in quite reasonable condition before he came on board.

Rodis continues, "Once the ship docked in Strombran, I just had to ask around, and they told me you were riding to the front, and where you were.  From there...well, it was easy.  It's not like you were trying to hide.  ...Not like me."

"Where are we, Rodis? This is some Lord's house, isn't it?"

"Well, yes.  I'm an honoured guest of the Baronet of the Southmarch of Craigmore.  I...smuggled you in in the night."

Liara rolls her eyes.  How typically melodramatic of him.  "How long have I been unconscious?"

"Only the one night.  I...I tried to make it as gentle as possible; I'm not really that good at it.  Four Gods, I don't want to be good at it!"

Liara's nose wrinkles, just briefly, at his oath.  He doesn't seem to notice.  Then she sighs.

"So, you have contracted a demon?" she asks.

His eyes go wide, and he looks around in terror, shushing her frantically and stammering something vague and negative. 

"Don't worry," she says, cutting through his babble.  "There's no one here but you and me who would know what it means in the first place.  And, by all the Gods, you're the only one here who thinks it's heresy!"

He stops, and looks confused.  She puts her hand on his arm.  "Rodis, you do remember I'm a Quintarian, right? The reason most of our meetings had to be in secret?"

He just looks sullen.  She sighs again, and asks her last question.

"Well, anyway, since it's clear that is exactly what's happened to you, why did you come to me? There's nothing I can do about a demon! You need to go to a trained exorcist or a saint of the Bastard!"

Rodis flinches at the name of the fifth God, Who he has always been taught is no God at all, but a demon, after His father's lineage.  Then he turns his face away, and looks both stubborn and dejected.  He mutters, "I'm a Quadrene.  Quintarians wouldn't want to help me, and other Quadrenes would only want to burn me.  You're the only one I could trust.  The only one who can help."

"Five Gods!" Liara bursts out.  "You're being ridiculous, Rodis! No Quintarian with the ability to banish demons from this world would turn away anyone who has contracted one, no matter whether he signs the Five!"

Rodis looks, if possible, even more sullen and mulish.  "There's...there's more.  I'm..." his voice, already small, becomes a nearly inaudible mumble, "...afraid I might be going mad."

Liara blinks.  "What? Why?"

"I've been...seeing things.  Things that no one else sees.  Things that aren't there.  Oh, Brother of Autumn, why have you let me come to this?" This last Rodis wails, his head back and his eyes shut, in pure despair.

Abruptly, he stands up, goes out into his bedchamber for a moment, and comes back with a tray of food.  The tray also contains a fresh candle.  He places it on the small table.  "Here.  You should eat this.  You need to think of some way to help me, and I can't let you go until you do."

"Rodis—" she cries, trying to get him to stay, to listen to reason, but he overrides this.

"No, Liara; I don't have any other choice! I'll be back in a few hours.  I hope you have a better idea by then."

He closes the door, and she hears scraping again, as whatever large object was blocking it before is moved back into place in front of it.

"Well," she mutters to the empty room, "that went well."

That last part seemed to scare him more than the demon itself, she muses.  Seeing things that aren't there...could he be not only a sorcerer, but also a saint?

Something very strange is going on.  And it appears that I'm not going anywhere until I can at least figure out what.

Other Games / Dwarf Fortress Succession Fort—Angnomal, "Redstaff"
« on: March 24, 2011, 05:05:21 PM »
OK, so this is going to be the thread for at least the initial setup of our DF succession game.

I'll lay out what seems reasonable to me, and we can haggle till we can all agree on something ;)

  • Each "turn" will be one year, spring to spring.
  • Those wishing to sign up should make themselves known on this thread ASAP. Unless there is strong objection to it, I would like to be the one to start off the fort.
  • Each overseer must write, at minimum, a summary report of what happened during each season.  I will attempt to set the tone for such reports with my initial year, based on my readings of previous succession forts.
  • No intentional sabotage of the fort—that means no "drunken" overseers commanding everyone to do nonsensical things, no suicide charges against a siege (assuming there's any reason to believe the siege can be survived), no induced tantrum spirals, no digging down to unleash Hell in year 3...  Silly stuff is permitted, stuff that is less than efficient but makes IC sense is permitted—basically, just don't be a jerk.  Losing is Fun, but deliberately losing breaks the fun for everyone else.
  • Forks are permitted, if someone really wants to take the fort in a totally different direction from a particular saved game; they just won't be considered "canon."
  • The world is generated, see this post for the parameters used.
  • The initial embark has been chosen based on the group's desired characteristics, and is being vetted.

Initial images of the embark area:

Full size (Warning: 3456x3456 pixels, very large!):
Z-level -1, showing the locations of the river and pools
Z-level 0, showing the location of the wagon, the volcano, and the mountains

80% Smaller (691x691 pixels):
Z-level -1, showing the locations of the river and pools
Z-level 0, showing the location of the wagon, the volcano, and the mountains

Initial list of overseers:
  • Zulban 'Anaris' Ducimonol, expedition leader
  • Zeneg 'Indirik' Tangathkilrud, miner
  • ^ban^
  • Adil 'Foundation' Inalnish, farmer
  • Bembul 'LGMAlpha' Saramathel, butcher
  • Ducim 'Telrunya' Nishabod, hunter
  • DoctorHarte
  • Iltaran

Unclaimed starting dwarves:
Kivish Bufutsibrek: Novice Wood Cutter, Competent Carpenter, Novice Wood Crafter, Novice Stone Crafter, Novice Bone Carver
Vabok Rullokum: Novice Mason, Adequate Fish Dissector, Competent Fish Cleaner, Competent Fisherdwarf

If anyone objects to the order, it's open for negotiation.

Development / Militia, Magic, and Monkey Business
« on: March 22, 2011, 05:56:06 PM »
Three major new changes were committed so far today, which will go live with revision 5339.

The first is notifications of militia attrition.  Militia units have always lost a few men every few days, and small militia units auto-disbanded.  However, until now, there has been no notification of this.  Now, Lords will be notified each day of the militia losses that day—both from attrition, and from undetected murder by infiltrators.

The second is the implementation of three previously unimplemented scroll types, Magic Steeds, Magic Weapons, and Magic Armour.

The third is the implementation of a feature that has been sitting with a little "TODO" tag on it for years now: the ability to buy a region, but have the fraud delayed till sunrise.  This will make it indistinguishable from a normal region revolt. Of course, it also gives the guards more time to cotton on to the scheme, and an extra chance to catch the fraudster.

Other Games / Dwarf Fortress
« on: March 05, 2011, 03:44:55 PM »
Some of you may have heard of Minecraft.  Well, Dwarf Fortress is what Minecraft was based on.

Its AI is absolutely staggering.  It generates a world, from scratch, with erosion, mountain formation, caverns, volcanoes, civilizations,'s just incredible the amount of detail that goes into the background of the game. 

You can play it in two modes, "adventure" mode, which is very much like a classic roguelike game (Angband, Moria, Nethack, etc), or "fortress" mode, which is the one that Minecraft is based off of.  So far, I've only played fortress mode.  If I want a regular roguelike, I play Angband ;-)

In Fortress Mode, you pick a place on the world where you want to build a fortress, equip your seven initial dwarves, and start digging.  And building.  And making beds, and crafts, and doors, and furniture, and weapons...

It's an incredible sandbox, and the kinds of things that you can make with it are vastly varied, and very cool.  My latest fortress has been running for about 7 IG years, and has tapped a magma vent to power its forges, smelters, and glassmakers, and is churning out steel armour and weapons just as fast as my dwarves can make it.  I've dug out the housing for a set of pumps that will bring the magma up into a giant holding tank at the top of the cliff my fortress is delved into, so I can dump it out on invading goblins any time I need to.  After a number of immigration waves, I'm up to (I think) 142 dwarves, and the Mountainhome is about to promote us to a Dukedom.

If you like building things, and can handle the steep learning curve (following one of the various tutorials is pretty nearly essential), it's an amazingly fun game.

This Forum / Email notifications
« on: March 04, 2011, 04:15:58 PM »
Do you suppose it would be possible to change the "from" address in the email notifications for new topics, new posts in watched topics, etc?

It seems a little odd to have them all coming from "".  Perhaps they could be from ""?

Feature Requests / Just a little screenshot of a feature in development...
« on: February 08, 2011, 10:21:51 PM »
The Army Banners feature-in-development isn't particularly secret, so I thought I'd share a screenshot of how I, at least, intend it to be used:


Timothy Collett

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