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Re: Sink the Colonies
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Yep, if we had gotten passage through Minas to attack Aren like we wanted in the first place we surely would have stayed out of the war Minas was already engaged in. Abyss, you might have been able to talk us into allowing you access to Wetham through our lands and avoided drawing Portion (and thus Lukon) into it. Never knew why you stuck so close to them when there was a possible win/win situation there, sure it won you our first conflict, but it made you enemies in a realm known for being torture/murder happy with very long memories. :p

Also, to answer the title of the thread, sinking the Colonies would be a very bad idea. Some people just don't have the time to play two turns a day and would more than likely leave rather than immigrate to another island where they couldn't be more involved. I mean, for awhile, I only had characters in The Colonies and that's where the Abjur family is from (Hilly Holes, to be exact), I'm pretty connected to that island and it's... unique setting (particularly Outer Tilog), to the point that it flavors my non-Colonies characters, since they're all from the same Daimon worshiping crazy family.